Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blogging Tips: Writing good blog posts.

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This post is more about how to KEEP those followers.
I follow over a hundred blogs and I've been reading and keeping up with blogs for the last 2-3 years. So these tips are from a reader's perspective, there are certain things in blog posts which I like so here's a list of things which make readers want to read blog posts.

Paragraphing --- I often come across posts which are so difficult to read and keep up with because there's no paragraphing at all. This makes me just skim over the post, not really reading anything, or giving up on reading the blog post altogether because I can't focus with so many words. So it's super important to write in paragraphs, so that your readers don't get frustrated while reading your blog posts.

Length of post --- Don't drag the post with meaningless content, but also don't make it too short. I personally find it easier to read posts which include lists or subheadings, it's an effective way to maintain the reader's attention.

Title --- The title of your post should tell the reader exactly what to expect, a plus would be to have some attention grabbing titles. But don't use a title that is irrelevant to the content just to get more people to click on your post.

Proof-read --- Read through the post before you publish it. I cringe everytime I find multiple spelling mistakes in one post and it makes me think... if the blogger doesn't care enough to proof-read, why should I care to read their post?

Pictures --- Include images in your posts along with the text, it keeps the readers from getting bored. This is something I'm struggling with, since I want to stop simply copying images from google images and using them on here in case I violate any copyright laws.

Content --- Last but definitely not least, is the actual content. It's your blog, write whatever you want. But if you want other people to read it too, then make it interesting.


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Once again, I'm no expert, this tips are just from my observation of blogs. Please comment below with any more ideas, I could use them!

P.S. I really applaud bloggers who still post regularly and don't ditch their blog every few months. I struggle with this a lot, clearly.