Saturday, August 24, 2013

Guest Post by Ovellia: You're Already Beautiful

She has the best grades. The best friends. The best looks. All the boys wanted her and what's more, she has such a sparkling personality and she's the best violinist in school. She's not perfect, but close to it.

Oh well, at least I'm far better than her in basketball. Hah!

Have you ever felt this way? Felt happy about other people's flaws? What's more, have you ever compared yourself to others to feel good about yourself?

You know, it doesn't have to be that way to feel good and beautiful about yourself.

Because you are already beautiful.

You may not be blessed with the gift of music like that student, but you may be blessed with the gift of dancing. You may excel in painting but be an average athelete, and another girl/boy may excel in the latter.

We're all unique and blessed with different gifts. If we compare ourselves to others, especially someone we grudgingly admire, it might make us feel good for a while because it may give us the arrogant feeling I'm in the same level as him/her. However, after a while, you'll just feel inferior to that person because you're constantly checking that you're still like him/her. You start to feel worried. Is my hairstyle better than hers today? Did I beat him in that test? You don't realize that you're beginning to feel bad about yourself.

Some of you might say that comparison is good-it encourages self-improvement in a competitive way. Also it gives you a standard in the form of a person that you can work towards to. Yes, they're true. But comparison won't work well for too long until it destroys your self-esteem.

It is true that although we are gifted in different ways it doesn't hurt to strive to be well-rounded. However, to excel in what we want, you've got to do it at your own pace. For example, if you want to excel in basketball, you have to excercise according to your own strength and ability. Don't just straight away do that 1000 push ups that kid does in one sitting. Maybe he had more practice and was talented in sports.

As for the argument that having a person acting as your standard is good, well, a person can change from good to bad, and you definitely don't want to follow the bad her/him. You know what's good for you. You know what you want. So decide your own standards. Don't copy others.

You're beautiful and talented and should feel good about yourself. But still,don't forget there's room for improvement!

Have a nice day!


Thanks to Ovellia for this wonderful guest post :)
Check out her blog: Chinese Violin Diary

Monday, August 19, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Firmoo Glasses :)


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I've been wearing glasses for a long time and let's be honest, those things can be super expensive, that's why I decided to do this giveaway.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The difference between Tumblr and Blogger.

Logo Blogger
Source: Wikipedia
I see why people would compare Tumblr and Blogger since they are both blogging sites, but as someone who loves and uses both, I believe they serve very different purposes. I felt like writing this post after noticing several bloggers on here actually leaving Blogger for Tumblr, which honestly doesn't make any sense to me.

Blogger is a place for you to write blog posts about your ideas and thoughts regularly. You can blog for the world or keep your blog private with limited viewers as a personal journal. Blogger includes images but it is mainly based on text posts.On the other hand, Tumblr is mainly photo based and it's more like a social networking site which allows us to share or reblog photos, quotes, videos etc.

Source: Wikipedia
Using tumblr is one of my favourite ways to pass time when I want to take a break and relax. Using blogger takes more effort because I actually need to think about what I'm going to write and post. Also, looking at other people's Tumblr is easy, since it's mainly photos and gifs, but reading through someone's Blogger takes a lot more effort as you need to read an entire post and comment instead of just scrolling through images.

I love both of these blogging sites, but for very different reasons. I don't think I would ever leave one for the other. What do you guys think about this?
Also, a lot of people say WordPress is better than all these blogging sites, does anyone know why that is?

“there are days that walk through me

and i cannot hold them.”
– Katherine Larson, “The Gardens in Tunisia”