Sunday, May 27, 2012

3 Things I Don't Like About Your Blog.

I follow a quite a lot of blogs and it gets hard to keep up so when I get the time, I try to read a week's worth of posts on my dashboard all in one go. If you haven't figured out already, that's a LOT of reading. So it takes a couple of hours and usually I don't mind because I like reading blogs just as much as I like writing them. But there are some things which kind of bother me when I'm trying to read or respond to a blog post.

1. Annoying background music.
Or any music actually. I hate when a song automatically starts playing when I open your blog. And I really hate when I can't even find where on the blog the music player is! I don't get why bloggers want to force us to listen to music that they like. I mean, what if I already have my own music playing, don't you see how annoying this could be?
Also, most of the time, I open a couple of blogs at the same time in different tabs. So when music starts playing from ONE of them, I have to check which one it is then find the player then pause it. Very inconvenient.

2. Confusing design and layout.
I don't like it when it's difficult for me to find my way around a blog. Like when I can't find old posts or the 'post a comment' link. I also don't get the point of having loads of unnecessary stuff on your blog. Sometimes it's difficult to actually read the content of the blog due to colours or small font. Also, I know people who have lots of widgets and other stuff at the sides of the page. This makes the page load super slow, which sucks for the person who actually wants to read and comment on your blog.

3. Captcha (word verification) on comments.
I know you're trying to prevent getting spam comments and whatnot but I removed the captcha on my blog a long time ago and haven't had any problems at all. I think people are more likely to comment if they don't have to bother with typing in the code. And for readers like me it's very tedious to type in code after code as I go about trying to read and comment on as many blogs as I can.

I could add more to this list but I don't think it would be fair for me to critisize the content of people's blogs because it their blog, they can write whatever they want on it and I have no right to judge them. I mean, if I don't like it or find it interesting, I just don't have to read it. That's why I don't get people who bother writing hate comments on blogs.

Anyways, what are some of your pet peeves when it comes to reading blogs?
Anything you don't like about mine?
I'd love to know!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012


I remember the most random things from my childhood. Most of them are not anything significant so I don't know why these moments have stuck with me. And when I try to recall them, all these little snippets of my life pass through my head like a fast forwarded video.
For instance, I remember a lot of things from the day my grandfather passed away. It was 10 years ago so I was around 7 or 8 years old back then.

My cousins and I were fooling around in the car on our way back from school. We didn't know what had happened until we actually got home.
The shirt I wore that day: it was a dull lime green colour with a little pattern shaped like a sun in the middle. I think I remember it because I felt like I should be wearing white like everyone else, since it was a funeral.
Sitting in my parents' room with some of my siblings and cousins. I was flipping through a KFC calendar, trying to distract myself.
I also remember seeing him for the last time.

Then there are those moments which I'm not sure whether they actually happened or if I was just dreaming. Like once I was travelling by bus overnight. We were on the highway and I woke up to look out the window and see where we were. 

I looked up and gosh... I was mesmerised. It was dark, obviously, but the sky was lit up by a cluster of little dotted stars. And there were SO MANY of them. I had never seen something like that and I even remember taking out my glasses from my bag to look at it more clearly. 

It was just so beautiful. And maybe that's why I think I might have dreamt it. I'm pretty certain it actually happened but I can't be sure since I was half asleep and I don't have any proof. I wish I had taken a photo of it or at least woken my sister up (who was sleeping in the seat beside me) to share it with her so I would have some sort of evidence that it was real. But I didn't and all I have is the memory of that scenery. I don't think I'll ever forget it. Honestly I'm not even exaggerating, it was the most magnificent thing I have ever seen. 

P.S. I love pandas.


A long time ago, I wrote a post called The Book That Changed My Life. I talked about the book Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. And guess what? The author read it! 
Receiving this message on Tumblr totally made my day: