Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The awkward moment when you spend 15 minutes trying to think of a title and end up writing something lame like this.

1. Desserts

2. Family reunions. 

3. Old photos.

4. Tumblr. I finally made one!

5. This video:

I don't know what to call that list, honestly I just couldn't be bothered to think of anything else to blog about :P
I might write a post about by novel because I've been working on it these days and I'm so frustrated, the whole plot seems to be falling apart. I really need some advice/motivation because I'm so tempted to delete everything and just rid myself of all this stress.

Anyways, here are some more doodles:



  1. i smiled. hehe. in vanity, randomness strikes. :D

    i love your doodles, btw

  2. Wow.... Your doodles are amazing....!!! You have quiet a talent in that... About writing a novel.. All I would suggest it keep writing and don't bother to edit it right away...!! Wait for a chapter to be finished before trying to report the rough edges.. Am sure you ll do great :):) waiting to read more from you :)

  3. any list that starts with dessert is a great one

  4. Aww that picture of you is soooo cute :)

  5. I got so excited because for a second there, I thought I'm going to see your face. Well, I kinda did a few years before now. seriously? you're really cute though.

    oh I answered your questions. you made me confess my shoplifting experience. You might want to read it.

    of don't delete the novel. If you can't finish it yet, just leave it there but don't throw away all you hard work hon. Promise? Good! :) Great doodles! love it!

  6. That video is so powerful. Thank you for sharing that :)

  7. When you started with desserts i thought it was going to be a post about sweet things. :)

  8. great job. now blog about me.

  9. your doodles are gorgeous! *jealousness*
    and i love your title, haha. cuuute!

  10. AWESOME doodles! :)

    Following you now! :)

  11. another tagged post. tagged you on this one

  12. ooooh
    you've been doodling again. pretteh
    i think you should like take up like batik or smt =P all the designs are so pretty. try use colours next time?
    and LOVING the tumblr image =P
    somehow the video thing isn't showing up for me =(
    maybe it's just my internet

  13. Hahahahahahahahahahaha loved the post title!!! It took me 30mins to think of a crappy name for my post!!! ANd I hate it!!!!

    GOD!!!! Choclate is DIVINE!!!!

    That pic of u with ur czn is so cool =D

    Awwww, u were really cute as a kid :p

  14. I always find your doodles very sweet and different (in a beautiful way, of course) I loved the one with the bench in it, I wonder if I can find it somewhere in the world. :)

    Oh!! That chocolate delight! You're making me want one honey!

    And soooo adorable childhood photo!! You are lovveeelyy!

  15. Yum chocolate is heaven! And cute picture of yours as little child! and that beach picture just wow! The video heartbreaking! <3

  16. hey.. The Overlord has chosen you..!!! Check my space to know more :)

  17. Hahaha! I can relate. Sometimes it is too difficult to find the perfect title.. :p

    And you're that kid? awwwww... you're so cute!!! :D and those are lovely doodles.

  18. Awwww, that is such an adorable picture of you! And your drawings are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! The shapes and shading--stunning!

  19. but then the title totally caought my attention!!! :D:D

  20. but then the title totally caought my attention!!! :D:D

  21. That picture of you and your cousins. Had you not mentioned it,I would have thought you found it on google or something. So cool :O
    Anyhoo, following you up :)

  22. Wow, your doodles are really nice:)

  23. Awww, you looks so cute back then. I just wanna pinch your cheeks. :D

    And your drawings are really good. Impressive!

  24. I love the tittle and the pictures as well..

  25. Orange Pulps: Haha thanks! :)

    Supernick: I did write a first draft without editing it :D Now i'm working on fixing the plot holes. Thanks for the advice :)

    Becca: Haha yupp!

    Tay Tay: thanks :)

    Mayen: Hahaha, go see my tumblr if you want to see my face!
    yeah I saw ur post, thanks for answering my question!
    Haha I was just joking about deleting it :P

    Sam: I'm really glad you watched it!

    Odard: Haha nah :)

    Furree: Aww thankyouu!!

    Bee: Thanks :)

    Albert: Wow, thanks a lot!

    Twefrence: Haha yeah I've always wanted to try batik. Nah, I don't like using colours. Pencils are good enough :)
    Ahh, yeah it's probably just ur internet.

    Shreya: Thanks :)

    Aliza: Hahahaha :D
    Thanks for the comment.

    Haze: Aww thank you :) <3

    Mahnoor: Thank you! And I'm glad you watched the video :D

    Leah: Thanks :)

    Frisky: Thank youuu!!

    ShuShu: hahaha good :P

    Ruhani: Haha yupp the photography is awesome :D
    Thanks for following!

    Manisha: Thanks :)

    Eprilis: Haha!
    Thanks :D

    Nasir: Thanks :)

  26. Your doodles are magnificent... and the family reunion photograph is stunning!

  27. I. LOVED. THAT. VIDEO. it is soo sad and scary and wrong and horrible! URGH!
    Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment, love the doodles and chocolate is always the prefered dessert, isn't it? :P

  28. I. LOVED. THAT. VIDEO. it is soo sad and scary and wrong and horrible! URGH!
    Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment, love the doodles and chocolate is always the prefered dessert, isn't it? :P

  29. B: Haha thank you :D

    Juliet: Glad you watched it and I agree!
    Chocolate <3 haha, thanks :D

  30. Brilliant post ♥
    I especially loved the "It Only Takes a Girl" video :3

    & your doodles are epicus :D I can't even imagine what else you'll conjure in the future. (Keep up the great work, PurpleMist ^____^)

  31. Meli: Yes, the video is amazing!
    Thank you :)

  32. Aha as soon as I read the title of this post, I was like "I'm gonna like this chick" and then you said something about chocolate desserts? where have you been all my life??? The video is amazing and really meaningfull, and you're a really talented artist (:

  33. you've got some serious art skills XD