Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Guest Post by Twefrence: Kids these days

This post is going to be based on my personal experience with children and what I’ve observed from my surroundings.

“Back in the days” when I was still a “kid” (I label this as < 13)I played with Barbie dolls, make believe, tag, Uno, the Sims, board games etc I only got my first handphone (which I’m still currently using) when I was in Year 9 (although I did skip 2 years ahead of my peers)

What do I see now? Kids in STROLLERS are playing with iPads or their parents’ smartphones. Children who are still in primary school have handphones. To this, I am slightly baffled. Some might say “Oh, it’s so I can contact them for ‘emergency purposes’” Sure, that’s a great use but aren’t children of that age either:

a) In school or

b) Beside you?

Children of that age should never be walking out alone to begin with. So why are they not beside you? And I do believe they don’t have anything “so important” that they have the need of contacting their friends immediately about. That’s what house phones are for, right?

Maybe, you think I’m just being a sour grape. Because I slightly am But is it REALLY a good idea to have children exposed in the world of technology and media at such a young age? They don’t even really know how to appreciate and handle the gadgets yet. From all the children I’ve seen using a touch screen gadget, all of them prod and stab the screen with their fingers. (My heart bleeds at the image, because I don’t have one and they do)

When I was in Primary school, I was SUPER innocent. Saying “shit” or “crap” was like the BIGGEST thing ever, no one even dared to utter the “f” word. We used to giggle uncontrollably just from the word “sex” during our puberty “talk” with our teacher. However, children curse and swear all the time now. They either picked it up from the media, peers or siblings…

My friend was talking about how this 12/13 year old girl with a bunch of her classmates from my high school went up to a 17/18 year old senior and professed her “love” to him and the sexual acts she was going to offer him.

I don’t want to sound like a prude, but that’s wrong in so many ways. Shouldn’t a girl respect themselves so much more? It’s not like the guy has ever talked to her. He now avoids her like the plague, while the bunch of girls bitches and glares at any girl remotely near the guy.
Click here to enlarge.

I do believe there is still hope though. I’m glad little boys still play with toy cars and little girls still play with Barbie dolls. (Yes, I know I’m being stereotypical right now, this was an example) Some parents are still very observant in what their children is exposed to, teaches them manners, discipline and try not to spoil them too much.

I guess what I really wanted to say is. Children are acting too much like adults now. They get exposed to the “dark side” of the real world too early. Because, my childhood years were the best years I’ve ever lived and it’s sad to see children losing their innocence so early on…

About the blogger:
Hi I’m Twefrence. I’m a very big youtube nerd; I practically have no life outside of the internet. I rant, writes stories, and sometimes emo poems on my blog heylookitsmeanonymous. This is also my first guest post =). Thanks for taking the time to read this!


And this was the last guest post for my december guest post series :)
I was literally nodding all through out this post when I first read it, everything she said was so true!
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Just letting you guys know that I'm back!
Slightly jetlagged right now but hopefully I can start blogging again soon.



  1. Happy new year to you too. Good to see you back. I can totally agree with this post. I'm glad the guy avoids that girl like the plague, it's the smart thing to do. My nephews and nieces aren't even 10 and they iPod touches and shit and I'm just wanting to punch them and run off with them. My eldest niece, who's 14, has an iPhone now and I can understand a bit with her, she's older, hell I had a phone around then I think, but she's still exposing herself to that dark side of the world. She's constantly in trouble for talking to people online she doesn't know. It's down to a lot of factors but I hope that if I have kids, those little bastards are not getting phones until at the least their teenage years, and you can be damn sure I'm monitoring the hell out of it.

  2. Happy new year =D

    I know the feeling. My younger cousins all play video games and it's only when I'm babysitting or my mom is babysitting that we force them to play with toy cars and get away from technology. It's creepy when your 3 year old baby cousin is using a laptop to play a car game and it's even creepier when an 8 year old manages to get a high score on Angry Birds which neither you or your 15 year old brother can beat.

    Hhahahhha xD I also never ever swore when I was younger. Of course, now I do, but still. If we swore back then, it was like we had committed murder xD

    That guy is doing the right thing. Kids are just wayyyy to exposed to this kinda stuff by the media (read: cartoons).

    Nice post, I'm definitely following you =)

  3. @Mark: Ah... "toys" nowadays for children are mainly electronics...when I look back to my childhood, I couldn't play the computer for too long, I had sharp bed times, bed time stories etc. I don't understand it when some people add strangers on facebook...and make all their info public. Totally, either a lot of monitoring or better yet, my kids would be wise enough and taught to use the internet properly...

    @Areesha: Woww, I know I've heard many cases where younger cousins know "secret moves" to a game or beat the high score etc. Makes you think.

    Kids should not be watching stuff like Hannah Montanna. I prefer the old Disney cartoons and shows. Like art attack and Madeline.

    Thanks for the follow =)

  4. Ha-ha! I remember once some 9-10 year olds talking to each other and saying ," Let her go home, she has to use facebook!"

  5. @Uruj: wow, I barely knew what emails were for, back when I was their age!

  6. As one of my foreign friends would say: First World Problems XDD

    ...and all those kids are really spoiled. It's a sad, sad world out there where their parents don't know how to make borders and withstand their children's ridiculous wailing.

    (I really hope that I can live up to my standards when I'm older and with children; I mean, *if* I even have children. 'cause parenting isn't easy at all to just be finding shortcuts like these. You know, giving their kids all this crap when they know they're not even ready for it... And also because there are more important things in the world. I'd love to show those kids how third world countries suffer because of their conceited, baby-fied bawling over stupidities like material possessions and wanting more when their parents might not even afford to buy them such things... Or even afford to spend some time with them instead of using technology like that.)

    GAH. -____-

    Great post, anywho. *kudos to the two of you's... & free cookies* ♥

  7. Oh, and happy new year to you, too :D
    (Despite the lateness xD)

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