Friday, January 20, 2012

Diary and Doodles.

After coming back home the first thing I was forced to do did was clean up my cupboard and drawers because my whole room was a mess and I really needed to organise my clothes and books etc..
Cleaning up is not my favourite thing to do but I just love finding stuff that I had either
a) forgotten about, or b) never realised I had.

So guess what I found?
My diary.
It's like 5 years old. I'm not stupid enough to keep one now. Not that I think keeping a diary is stupid, I've just learned that it's better to not write some things down. Because years later, you'll want to destroy the evidence of your most embarrassing moments so that no one finds out.

Anyway, reading the things I wrote five years ago was pretty amusing because it made me realise how much I have grown up. It's pathetic how all those little things used to be such a big deal to me back then. Life was so much less complicated and my problems were so silly. But mostly, reading all the stupid stuff I wrote made me laugh. I was a weird child.

So I have two options. I can either burn all the pages of the diary/throw it away, or keep it so ten years from now, I can remind myself of how stupid I was.
I think I'll keep it for now.

I received an email from someone who works for My Memories, it's a digital scrap booking software company. And she said she wants to give me a free copy of the software so I can review it on my blog.
So I'll download it soon, play around with it, then give you guys a review!


Random doodles to make this post more interesting :)


  1. You have no idea! The SAME thing happened with me! I've even written a blog post about it :) I have still preserved my diaries even though reading them makes me cringe! It's all so devastatingly embarrassing!

    But it's good to know you've grown and matured so much! :)

    Your doodles are awesome!

  2. hahah diary huh?
    Excerpt of it for us? =P
    Oooh SOMEONE's being very professional and doing REVIEWS for companies =D
    The owls looks suuuuuper cute btw, esp the one on the right.
    And the first butterfly is prettteh.

    It's always fun to reread stuff you wrote a long time ago. Like hw, facebook posts, diaries etc =P

  3. I love going through my old journals. They always make me laugh, because I was such a loser kid lol

  4. I still have my diaries from 7 years ago. I decided to keep them caz looking at them now makes me realise how simple life was then. :P SO DON'T BURN THEM, OKAYYYY? :P

    Btw. Butterfly on the left is <3 :D

  5. Oh and you should defs post something from it on your blog. May be evidence of you as a weird child? Pretty please? :D

  6. i love when you find thing when you clean it brings back memories

  7. Lovely doodles :3 ♥

    & I have yet to go through my past journals xD & hopefully my future ones will be a vibrant read :3 (I do try to exercise newness all the time, well... whenever I can ^__^)

    It is awesome to read that you've found your past self to be silly. & it's quite lovely to see that you keeping your diary ^___^ It's never too late to start a new one, you know. haha ^.^

    Lovely, short post, eh! & the software sounds rather interesting o: I do wonder what it is o.o

  8. oh yes! i love finding stuff while cleaning my room, too.
    glad you decided to keep the diary for now. haha.
    and those doodles are pretty awesome. i especially like the cute owls. :D

  9. Haha! I can totally relate! Loved the 2nd paragraph and the drawings. No - i love the whole post!

    I'm so sorry my darling, I feel terrible for not commenting for so long!!

  10. Astha: Hahaha, reading my diary made me cringe too, but I tried to laugh it off :P

    Twefrence: Hahaha NOOO, the contents of that diary shall remain private :P
    It's just one review, but at least I get free scrapbooking software :D
    Thank youuuuu.

    Vicky B: Hahaha, we all think we were loser kids :P

    Aaishah: Haha, okayyyy, I won't, for now :P NO, I will not post anything in that diary on here for the whole world to see!
    Maybe one day, but not now, it's too embarrassing :P
    and thanks :D

    Becca: Me too :)

    Meli: Thanks :) Haha, you should go through those journals.
    I don't think I'm gonna start a new one though :P
    And yess, the software is pretty cool, review coming up soon!

    ishashime: Haha thanks :D

    Izdiher: thanks :)

    haze: hahaha, I missed you! It's fine, glad you liked the post :D

  11. Finding old diaries is always very amusing! And cool doodles :)

  12. Oooh wow love your doodles! :D

  13. When I found my diary after years, I read it. Laughed at it, and then I did burn the pages.
    The doodles are good :) You're good with pencil sketching :)

  14. When I found my diary after years, I read it. Laughed at it, and then I did burn the pages.
    The doodles are good :) You're good with pencil sketching :)

  15. I stopped writing because of the same reason :p
    Wowww u are really good at drawing!!!

  16. I have a diary of when I was like 9 years old but It was all like: I had homework, I did them, then, I went to the park and played with my friends, later, I come back to home, had dinner and go to sleep. Bye!
    So... nothing very special x)
    Cute owls! :)

  17. Those doodles are amazing =O
    I still have my diaries from when I was 10 years old. I've hidden them so that no-one can ever find them =P I still keep a diary, but it's a regular old notebook so everything thinks I do my English homework in it =P

  18. hey dear.. Sorry I wasn't able to visit you lately. I've been crazy busy.I'm glad your back.

    Gees, I don't like cleaning that much too. But when I do, I also love to when I see stuff i didn't know I still have.

    I kept all my diaries and I don't think I'll ever part with them. I like reading them when I get bored. True mostly, what's written there were silly and too embarrassing but I really enjoy reading them. I guess, it makes me proud to know that I have matured already..hehe..

    Those doodles are cute. :)

  19. OMG. I haven't looked at my diary in years. There are the names of my crushes all over the pages LOL. XD
    And ouu your doodles are so cute!

  20. Mahnoor: Haha yup, and thanks :)

    TayTay: Thanks :D

    Philo: Hahaha, I wish I had the guts to do that :P Thanks :)

    Aliza: Thank youu!

    L.F: Hahaha, I used to write stuff like that too, until my life became all stupid and embarassing :P
    Thanks :)

    Areesha: Thankyouu, haha, yeah I'm gonna hide mine too :P

    Mayen: Heyy, it's fine. Yeah I read it and thought 'thank god i'm not like that anymore' :P
    thanks :)

    Jodie-Ann: Hahaha of course :P Thanks :D

  21. those are awesome drawings! :)

  22. Everytime I clean my room, I find old stuff.. which is awesome! hehe..

    I don't have diaries, really.. they're more like, journals. Keep the diaries. Don't throw them away.. One day, you will want to read them all. :D

    Oh, and those are lovely doodles!

  23. What I do is that I still keep my old journals. I just tear away pages that I can't bear to keep. :)

    It's because I know someday, someone's bound to find my diary and invade my privacy.

    But I only throw away the stuff that will get me into trouble.

    I keep those that are funny no matter how embarrassing they are.

  24. BragonDorn: Thanks :)

    Leah: Haha awesome indeed.
    Thanks :D

    Odarod: Hahahaha, I've considered tearing some pages away too :P

  25. The drawings of the butterflies are lovely and the two birdies
    are so adorable.

    Maybe you could start a graphic novel, for young adults.

  26. Thanks :)

    Haha, nah, I don't think I'm good enough to do that :P