Monday, December 19, 2011

Guest Post by Twisha: Oh December!

The month of hope. The month of lights.

The frigid cold breeze, and the crispy winter nights,

Sun-kissed April evenings, August showers survived,

After a long futile wait, December has finally arrived.

The quivering loneliness, the apple-polish,

The melting of hearts, the dreams to un-abolish.

Forlorn hopes, dying to live.

Oh December! you have so much more to give!

Thank you Twisha for this. Please check out her blog: One Life.Many Moments.


  1. this is a lovely post!
    I love december out of all the months. though, i dont celebrate christmas, I love seeing the spiritual faith come out in everyone who does. smiles and glistening decorations everywhere. its lovely! :) x

  2. I had that peaceful feeling while reading it, seriously.

  3. That was really cool :)

    Like snow!

  4. Such pleasant words :) Was a lovely read :)

  5. Epic rhyme scheme, and great theme :D

    It also sets the mood for December ^.^ 'twas so very lovely! ♥