Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest Post by Shreya(Confused Soul): Happiness

Happiness isan inside job. You may never predict what will bring a smile to your face, evenin the exasperation of gloom. It may be a kind word, a compliment, a chancemeeting with a childhood buddy, a blush on the face of your crush, words of inspiration,a surprise gift, an old' favorite piece of music, a good poem or simply theevening breeze. It is more to do with the little joyous feelings that somethings bring with themselves, than the things themselves. At another instancethe same things might successfully incite in you, an upsurge of indifference,but they can make a world of difference during pensive moments.

Happiness is the secret of survival, the song of youth and the bliss ofwell-being. If at times we feel left behind or lonely, it is be-cause of theabsence of this natural therapy, that we were born with.
It’s not the stimuli that initiate a 'happy' response. It’s our own perception.It’s our very own vision of the world that makes the difference.

Happiness can bring about an avalanche of alteration in your world. It is theweapon of the weak and its absence is the sorrow of the strong. Nature wantsyou to be happy. Among every five things that seem to be going wrong at a givenpoint of time, there will be a massive sixth one, struggling to come into viewand your acknowledgement, that will promise to work in your favor. The key liesin our hands, whether to blindfold ourselves during seemingly trying times, sothat darkness falls all around, or to open our eyes and look for that minisculeflickering flame of light which will die out if not nurtured.

It may beeasier said than done but weigh the stakes for yourself; don’t the prosoutweigh the cons??It’s definitely worth the try!

Thank you again Shreya for this refreshing post, more people need to be optimistic like you!
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  1. thank you people.. umm Purple my blog link aint this one...


  2. I must say purple mist that shreya was indeed a wonderful choice for a guest post.. And a wonderful post she has given in return...!! This was definitely a delightful read...!!! Kudos to both of you

  3. Too good to be true. <3
    Loved this piece.

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