Monday, December 5, 2011

Guest Post by Jodie-Ann: A Brush With Death

Hi there! My name is Jodie-Ann. I blog over at …The Run-On Sentences of Life… You should check me out sometime! J

I heard about the awesome blogger PurpleMist having a guest post series so I thought “Hey why not guest post?!”

So, the topic I chose is A Brush With Death.

My brush with death was back in grade… *thinks* grade one or two. Or three. I don’t think it was four. One or two. Or three.

You’d think I’d be able to remember my brush with death, right?

Nah. I can barely remember what I ate last night for dinner.

Anyways, it was after school. My dad had come to pick me up. Which was a special treat because he didn’t do it often. Now, for some odd reason, he started chatting with the principal.

I didn’t want to hang around and wait. So, I said I was going to the van. But I guess my dad didn’t hear me. Because when he starts talking, he never stops. And he gets all animated and stuff.

So, I just walked across the street like I owned it. Then, I saw the car. Me, being the genius that I was, hadn't looked both ways like a normal person. So, I was stuck in the middle, not knowing which direction to go. Back to my dad? Or continue on to the van?

Well, this took me about a decade to decide. And just as I decided to go back to my dad, the car hit my ankle. Because I had just turned to run back, so my foot was still sticking out. The car hit it, I tripped and the car ran over my ankle.

Yeah, that felt nice.

I had to get a cast and whatnot.

So, basically, that was my brush with death. Okay, so it wasn’t really a brush with death. That’s kind of dramatic. But still. It felt like a brush with death at the time.

I enjoyed staying home and getting “Get Well Soon” cards though. That was nice.

With the stick figure drawings inside and stuff.


Byee! Thanks for reading! :D <3
Hahaha, this made me laugh even though it was supposed to be about how she almost died/ got seriously injured :P
Thank you Jodie-Anne for this post!


  1. Awwieee .. You know back when I was a kid, I used to love having bandages and those pink bandages for sprains and all that.. I still am fascinated by it.. Strange na..

    The "get well soon" cards always make you feel special though.. Sweet post :)

  2. ouch. That must have heart. =/
    I've never broken any part of my body before *knock wood* but I find it pretty fun when we get to sign people's casts =D AND you get to save up a piece of memory full of signatures =)

  3. I ran over my dad's foot when I was three. :P

  4. ^WHAAA? =O This story I gotta hear =O

    It must have been painful as Hell =/ I remember my little finger was caught in the car door once >.< Didn't break, but it hurt =(

  5. Jody is till cute even in the "brush of deaths..

  6. Yay thanks everyone! And thanks, PurpleMist for the blogging opportunity!

  7. ouch. sounds like it hurt. but the way you talked about it seemed like it wasn't that big of a deal. haha.

  8. I got this injury on my knee, once running. Got hit several times on the same knee in the following week :P