Monday, December 19, 2011

Guest Post by Albert: Vanguards of Truths

Hello! I am Albert Einstein ☺ from How to Become an Einstein? and this is my very first guest post for PurpleMist, so please bear with me. I am a senior writer on a student-publication here in our university and as part of it, we release issues weekly (the most tiring job for students like us). Nonetheless, this path does not bar us from enjoying the other side of a university life.
By the way, if you are reading this post now, it just show that PurpleMist agreed to publish this post of mine. And viola here it is!

As a student-journalist and a media-practitioner in one, I am very aware of the nature and fruits of this job. First and foremost are the benefits you will gain after you join the publication. You will be known within the parameters of the university and gaining incentives like honorarium, friends, free internet access and developing your verbal and written communication skills will be honed.

On the other side of the coin, being a foe to the wrongdoers is not that far to comprehend. The tag line of our publication is: “We write for you, we fight for you”—which serves as our guiding dogma on the job. We spill the bad deeds of others and expose the truth to the readers in a form of a newspaper, magazines and press releases.

Being in this kind of work for a year and a half, I’ve experienced exposing the truths for several times already.

I do not care for what others are saying on us! If we will open up the bad sides to the readers of a teacher whom we are under the supervision with, we don’t care even if we will fail from the subject or get reprimanded from it.

Becoming a friend for others is also becoming a foe to the wrongdoers. We listen to both sides and weigh the arguments appropriately. After which, we face several individuals—of different sexes, attitudes and personalities, of varied intellects and most especially, of different life-backgrounds and beliefs.

We are the vanguards of truth and justice; are united in our aim of helping others; just ordinary university students and guided by faith and willingness to stake our life just to fight for other’s right.
Check out Albert's blog: How to become an Einstein? 
And he's also on twitter: @albertumbac
hanks a lot for taking the time to write this Albert :)

Guest Post by Twisha: Oh December!

The month of hope. The month of lights.

The frigid cold breeze, and the crispy winter nights,

Sun-kissed April evenings, August showers survived,

After a long futile wait, December has finally arrived.

The quivering loneliness, the apple-polish,

The melting of hearts, the dreams to un-abolish.

Forlorn hopes, dying to live.

Oh December! you have so much more to give!

Thank you Twisha for this. Please check out her blog: One Life.Many Moments.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest Post by Shreya(Confused Soul): Happiness

Happiness isan inside job. You may never predict what will bring a smile to your face, evenin the exasperation of gloom. It may be a kind word, a compliment, a chancemeeting with a childhood buddy, a blush on the face of your crush, words of inspiration,a surprise gift, an old' favorite piece of music, a good poem or simply theevening breeze. It is more to do with the little joyous feelings that somethings bring with themselves, than the things themselves. At another instancethe same things might successfully incite in you, an upsurge of indifference,but they can make a world of difference during pensive moments.

Happiness is the secret of survival, the song of youth and the bliss ofwell-being. If at times we feel left behind or lonely, it is be-cause of theabsence of this natural therapy, that we were born with.
It’s not the stimuli that initiate a 'happy' response. It’s our own perception.It’s our very own vision of the world that makes the difference.

Happiness can bring about an avalanche of alteration in your world. It is theweapon of the weak and its absence is the sorrow of the strong. Nature wantsyou to be happy. Among every five things that seem to be going wrong at a givenpoint of time, there will be a massive sixth one, struggling to come into viewand your acknowledgement, that will promise to work in your favor. The key liesin our hands, whether to blindfold ourselves during seemingly trying times, sothat darkness falls all around, or to open our eyes and look for that minisculeflickering flame of light which will die out if not nurtured.

It may beeasier said than done but weigh the stakes for yourself; don’t the prosoutweigh the cons??It’s definitely worth the try!

Thank you again Shreya for this refreshing post, more people need to be optimistic like you!
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Guest Post by Jodie-Ann: A Brush With Death

Hi there! My name is Jodie-Ann. I blog over at …The Run-On Sentences of Life… You should check me out sometime! J

I heard about the awesome blogger PurpleMist having a guest post series so I thought “Hey why not guest post?!”

So, the topic I chose is A Brush With Death.

My brush with death was back in grade… *thinks* grade one or two. Or three. I don’t think it was four. One or two. Or three.

You’d think I’d be able to remember my brush with death, right?

Nah. I can barely remember what I ate last night for dinner.

Anyways, it was after school. My dad had come to pick me up. Which was a special treat because he didn’t do it often. Now, for some odd reason, he started chatting with the principal.

I didn’t want to hang around and wait. So, I said I was going to the van. But I guess my dad didn’t hear me. Because when he starts talking, he never stops. And he gets all animated and stuff.

So, I just walked across the street like I owned it. Then, I saw the car. Me, being the genius that I was, hadn't looked both ways like a normal person. So, I was stuck in the middle, not knowing which direction to go. Back to my dad? Or continue on to the van?

Well, this took me about a decade to decide. And just as I decided to go back to my dad, the car hit my ankle. Because I had just turned to run back, so my foot was still sticking out. The car hit it, I tripped and the car ran over my ankle.

Yeah, that felt nice.

I had to get a cast and whatnot.

So, basically, that was my brush with death. Okay, so it wasn’t really a brush with death. That’s kind of dramatic. But still. It felt like a brush with death at the time.

I enjoyed staying home and getting “Get Well Soon” cards though. That was nice.

With the stick figure drawings inside and stuff.


Byee! Thanks for reading! :D <3
Hahaha, this made me laugh even though it was supposed to be about how she almost died/ got seriously injured :P
Thank you Jodie-Anne for this post!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guest Post by Leah: Decisions

When you're still a baby, everything seems to be so easy. All you have to do is eat, sleep and eat some more. You cry when you're hungry. You get angry when you're wet. Everything's simple.

Then you turn a few years older. You go to school. Some things get complicated. You can't simply cry when youre hungry. You have to make a choice - go to the cafeteria and buy food or wait till you get home and raid the fridge. You just can't cry when someone bullies you. You have to make a choice - report the incident to the principal's office or get ready to give some payback. Some things get complicated.. but it still is fairly easy. You eat, go to school, study, go home, eat, sleep. And the cycle continues..

Then you become an adult. Responsibilities. Complications. Decisions.. And life gets a wee bit harder.

There was this one time, when I was confronted with a dificult decision. To be or not to be. It felt like I was in a square room, locked inside with no key. It was a dark moment for me. And the really sad part, I chose the wrong decision. I did the wrong move. Checkmate.

Lucky for me, with the help of my family.. I was able to crawl out of the very hole I dug up.

In life, we have endless choices. In every crossroad, there are several paths we can take.. but we have to be very careful in choosing one. Because honestly, there is no going back. Yes, we are free to pick a choice we see is right for us. But we have to be ready to answer to them. Think a hundred times before making a decision.. especially those life-altering decisions. Because with every decision we make, there are consequences.

When it comes to decision-making, we have to act like adults. Think. Think. Think. Breathe. Then think again. Because life is different when you're older. It is different from the life you have when you're just a kid in gradeschool, where the hardest decision you could encounter is prolly to decide on what to draw and what color to use.

About the Blogger:

Hi. I'm Leah. I'm boring. I love to smile, though. :) I love pizza and burgers. I love Mickey Mouse and everything Disney. I blog about my life. You could visit me here.. Follow me on Twitter. @leahsayomac. Just a heads-up. I'm a chatterbox on Twitter. My apologies if I flood your timeline. Tata! :)

I hope you enjoyed the second guest post because I sure did!
What I liked the most is that I could relate to it, and I think a lot of you can too.
Thank you so much Leah :D