Sunday, November 20, 2011

PurpleMist's December Guest Post Series.

I'm having a guest post series in December. I will be away to my home-town, meaning I won't have much time to write. So I would LOVE it if you guys wrote something for THIS blog.
It can be anything, really.
For more details check out my Guest Posts page.
If you just can't think of any topics to write on, visit my Blogging List/ Ideas page :D
I hope you guys will be interested in sending your stuff so this blog won't be dead and empty in December!


  1. Oh oh, i d love to. Could i do a post on winter/christmas??

  2. Yes you can, I would love that! just email it to me whenever you're done with it or if you have any questions :D

  3. I'll see if I can come up with something, but I get low on ideas for my own place :)

  4. I'm the same as Mark.
    If you give me an idea I'll write about that :P

  5. I'll surely try coming up with something :)

  6. Mark, Nas:
    Hey guys, to make this easier for you guys, I made a list of topics!
    Just go over to my Blogging List/Ideas page, the ideas on there can get you started :)

    Philo: Yay ok :D

  7. I went over the blogging list/ideas page, they soo reminded me of the essay topics I used to note down randomly behind my books in fear of them appearing in my board exams. haha =)
    I would love to only if I had the time.
    And wow, everyone seems to be on a guest post spree.I wonder why :I

  8. Ok I'll consider doing it okay? =P
    I better stop my emoticons spree too...hmm...
    so much writing... still hv nanowrimo too.. *heh heh*

  9. Hamza: Haha ok, if you can't come up with anything then have a look at my list/ideas page!

    Crystal: Hahaha, I either randomly thought of them OR got them from different websites :P
    I know! Probably because they are running out of ideas or will be too busy to post :D

    Twefrence: Yess so it!
    And it's not like you're that dedicated towards nano, so don't ue that as an excuse :P

  10. Hahaha hmmm i'll see if I can come up with something :P

  11. Aliza: Haha I hope you do :D

    Jodie-Ann: Omg, yayy :D

  12. i only have two posts for my own blog for November at the moment and that kind of sucks. haha.
    cool that you're having a guest post series, though. i'd try to join, but i can't make any promises. ;)

  13. How strange that I should find your blog when you are just about to take a break. Have a lovely time. The guest blogger idea is brilliant.

  14. I'd love to write.. can it be something random? or do u have a criteria? Btw I agree with Crystal..The ideas reminded me of essays...heheh :D

    P.S. I published your guest post on my blog today =) .. Thank you once again! :D

  15. wow guest post. I see if i could come up with something and let you know. :)

  16. Aww, you made my day. Thank you. <3

  17. I don't have a particular idea at the moment, but i'll see if I can come up with something. Would you mind if I did a guest post?? :)

  18. ishashime: Haha ok, let me know if you come up with anything!

    BK Punia: Aww, it's ok, i'll still be posting every now and then, and thanks, I hope you decide to join :D

    Confused Soul: It can be anything :D

    Mayen: Yay ok :)

    Faryal: I think this comment was supposed to be on the awards post :P haha, anyways, you're welcome!

    Caitlin: Omg, I would love it if you did a guest post :D :D

  19. hi, wer do i mail u? i have tiny poem on December :)

  20. Ha-ha. I am loving this series.