Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Letter To Twefrence.

Remember when we were talking about how fun it would be to send handwritten letters? Not a quick email or a Facebook message, but to actually sit down for a while and write to someone, send it off and wonder when they will recieve it and reply you. It's old fashioned but I still love the whole concept (reminds me of Pride and Prejudice!).

I was thinking about this when I came up with the idea of doing a 'Letter to Twefrence' post. I didn't really plan on what I would write in that post before promising to write it, which is why it has taken me this long to actually come up with something to write to you. I didn't want to go back on what I said and just say that I can't come up with anything, so I made you wait until I finally stopped being lazy and just wrote what comes in mind :P Haha, I suck, I know.

So, let's see, I first met you in 2008 I think, when I moved to a new school which you already attended. My first impression on you was not so great. I thought you were super weird since you and another girl (who later became my friend too) were complete retards because you guys kept laughing and exchanging packets of candy. Seriously, that was a LOT of candy, and it was stacked neatly in ziplock bags, which kind of made it look like you were exchanging drugs or something. Freaky.

Another thing which I didn't understand about you (and the rest of the girls) is your obsession with stickers. I remember in Year 10, you guys decorated the entire front page of your homework diary with all sorts of 'cute' stickers. I mean, I like cute stuff, but your obsession with cute stuff is to a whole new level :P

We were friends since the beginning of the year but I think we actually became friends when we both went through the 'Twilight Obsession' phase. I'm still ashamed to admit that I was once completely in love with Twilight. Now I think it's a disgrace to vampires AND werewolves (after watching Vampire Diaries, haha) and it's just wrong on so many levels. But I'm glad it lead us to becoming better friends. I still remember how we used to gush over all the scenes/quotes and our other friends just used to roll their eyes at how lame we are. Fun times!

Year 10 was awesome. I loved how we had a small class, less than 20 students and we all got along pretty well. And not only our class, but the entire school population added up to a pretty low number, which gave the school a more 'home- like' feel. Basically, I thought I would hate the new school, but you guys made it so much more better than I had ever expected. This is not a 'letter to all my school friends' post so I'll stop there about school :P

I ended up joining the same college after my break so we did meet up on campus, but it just wasn't the same because we had different schedules. I still sometimes wonder what it would have been like if I had decided to join college right after the exams too, or if you had taken a break too. One thing's for sure, my college life would be a lot less boring :P

Which brings me to NOW. Well, you're done with college and you're taking a break away from studies while I'm here cramming to study as much as I can. I guess it's only fair since you have already been through the whole A'levels thing. Andddd.... You're going off to uni soon in another city while I'm staying here. I don't think I'll be seeing you very often. Which sucks! I probably won't be able to meet up properly even after my exams are over because just a few days after that I'm leaving for my hometown :(

Well, we don't actually 'see' each other that much, but we do talk on MSN/Facebook everyday, and we can still do that once you move away for university. But maybe you'll get busy with your studies and stuff and you won't have time. Or maybe I'll be too busy during my trip to my hometown to come online. But... change happens. It's not always good but we have to just deal with it.

Life sucks, and then you die.
(I may have gotten over my obsession with twilight but I still like this quote :D)

Anyways, as I'm writing this you're watching Stickaid and telling me all about it. I will never completely understand your obsession with YouTube. Though I have to admit, I get it more now that you've introduced me to a couple of YouTubers. But I'm still not someone who could sit for hours just watching YouTube, I would eventually get frustrated/bored.

(Warning: this is the more serious part of the letter :P)
I know you have some issues to deal with everyday at home and I know it's frustrating and it makes you angry. Honestly, I can't help you change the way things are but I just want you to know that, as a friend, I'll always be there if you need to vent and let it out. I may not have the words to make you feel better and most of the time I'm just as angry as you but just know that I'll listen (well, read, mostly...).

A lot of people don't always see the good things about themselves and I think you might be one of them? I know I am. Until someone tells me something positive about me, I don't believe it. Which is not always good. Anyways, I know I point out your flaws by telling you to stop being so judgemental, or stop obsessing over YouTube or and stop being so organised and over-analyse things so much. But as a whole you're definitely one of the most: creative (even when you're asleep, your dream the weirdest stuff I've heard of), loyal (to your friends and of course, to YouTubers :P), thoughtful (always bringing things for your friends whenever you go somewhere! I never think to do that because I can't decide on what to get and then later I feel guilty :P), funny (specially when you tell me about the weird stuff you did, I still remember when you ran around the house just to get more 'wind' while the power was out, hahahaha), and of course, weird (note that I like weird people), andddd 'unique' people I know! I also like that you have your own opinions and you don't let other people change what you think.

Before I end the serious part of the letter, I need to add one more thing. I know I've already said this before, but I just want to say a big thank you for supporting me throughout this blogging thing because you're literally the only person who has continued reading this blog since the beginning. And I really appreciate that.

So, I tried to write all that ^ in the least cheesy way I could, because I always think cheesy stuff sounds fake, and now the serious part is over :D

Time to talk about THE HUNGER GAMES! We have been anticipating and talking about the movie for so long and you won't be here so we can watch it together?
Nooooo. This is devastating :(
And you know that we are the ones who usually freak out over stuff like this the most. SO you must be here so we can freak out together!

You know I was going to add a bunch of 'lol's in this letter because I know it annoys you. Haha, but I didn't.

I think we probably talk to each other way too much. It's good because I suck at staying in touch with people, and I think the main reason I have lost a lot of friends or drifted away from a lot of people in the past is because I've failed to keep in contact with them. So the fact that we talk about what we did during the day almost everyday is awesome, even though most of the time we're just ranting about our lame lives to each other :P

I should end this letter now because it's super long! 
I feel like I'm probably leaving something out that I wanted to say but I can't remember what. 
Now that I re-read the letter I'm thinking about how letters don't have smilies. But I'm so used to talking to you on facebook with smilies so you know how exactly I'm saying the words... ok I need to stop ranting.

I hope you liked reading this letter and sorry if it was boring :P I know receiving one in the post would be a million times better but right now I can't do that. And plus, your mom would probably see it before you and ask a million questions. And if I told my dad to post a letter to my friend who is already in the same city, he would think I'm crazy :P
Anyways, SEE YOU SOON! When we watch Breaking Dawn together. Oh and the last day of my exams. Must celebrate my freedom :D
And I really really hope we can meet up a couple of times before you go off to uni!

Oh and when you reply to this you don't need to reply to every single thing, that will take you ages, I know, since this post is so long :P Just tell me that you liked it! Because I've been working on this for AGES.

Ok I should really stop typing now..
this feels weird because I'm already talking to you on facebook..
but I'm gonna say this anyways: 
Good luck for uni, try your best and have more fun! You deserve it!
And don't forget all your school friends, we love you loadssss ♥

(Imagine my signature here :P)


  1. awwwwwwwwwww.
    <3 <3 <3
    thank you thank you thank you.
    That's like the most compliments a person has ever given me in one go =P
    This post made me smile so much, especially the "wind" part. hahaha
    Ok lets see:
    Hey! It wasn't "my fault" that our classmates were in love with the candy I bought =P I actually had this "candy order list" for each person =P
    I still like cute stickers, Hah =P
    Believe it or not, I STILL have the sticker filled homework diary book =D

    Yes, we ultimately bonded bcz of "our love for twilight" back thn... Yes, my love lasted a bit longer thn yours *cough- a bit*

    I miss high school, it was so much fun back thn... we could see each other every day, have the same break times, have the same teachers... =( same after school activies...
    I even miss wearing a uniform =P

    I know =( It sucks that you guys aren't gna go to uni the same time as me... You should join uni with me! =D Same uni! =D =D You can go do journalism or writing or smt =D

    Well... remember "back in the days" when we didn't talk to each other everyday on fb? But on msn? And proceeding to call it gay every time? =P
    Well when you're in your hometown we could email? =P
    Like the good ol days =P Until we're both back from our hometowns =P

    I don't know how long my youtube obsession is gna last but I hope it's not gona go away soon =P I've learnt so much from it =)

    Well, talking to you makes me feel like I'm not the only "loner" in the world =P Hahhaha, You're the closest friend I have to a "youtube buddy" =) You're probs the only one who actually knows their names bcz I mention them SO MUCH. hahaha
    It's good "therapy" too, to know I'm not the only one stuck in a lame life =P We get to rant to each other =D and sympathise together =D

    Yesterday I saw a "quote" on facebook, it said "Real friends stab you in the front" and that's what I need =)
    Real friends like you tell me that I'm too judgmental hahaha, bcz I know I can be, thus the reason why I always rant =P

    Thank you for being there and always replying to me when I'm sad, or ranting. Thank you for joining me in loads of "internet escapades" =D For forcing me to be more productive and stop spending time on youtube. For putting up with my random moments when you don't understand a word I'm saying. For liking my weirdness =)

    (Yes, our cheesy moments remind us of Cassandra doesn't it? =P hahaha)

    Thank you for promoting my blog for who knows how many times already =P I know I'm never going to have as much followers as you do since you put WAY more time and effort into maintaining and reading other people's blogs =P while I just youtube =P

    A few days ago I thought about how sucky it would be to not watch the hunger games with you. As you know how talkative I get when I watch movies, it would be so frustrating to not rant with you about how sucky the movie production is while I watch it =P About how the movie plot is NOT matching the book (as all movies do)and how the actor ruined Cinna =P haha

    haha yes, my mum would have been weirded out if you sent me a letter =P She's suspicious like that =P

    Yes! We must spend as much time "together" before you leave or I leave for uni...

    Talk to you on fb! <3 hahah

    (Longest comment ever? *awh yeah*)

  2. Twefrence: hahaha glad you liked it :D :D
    "candy order list"- gosh, our classmates were weird, I miss them!

    Your love for twilight is still there, I think you're too stubborn to STOP liking it :P
    I miss school too :(
    hahaha, same uni, meh, doubt that's gonna happen.

    Yes I remember when we used to talk on msn. But it had wayyy too many issues. Though I might start coming on it again, idk why U still go on it though, since u appear offline all the time! mhmm, email :D

    hahaha, so I'm a loner too? great :P and you're welcome!!
    yes it does, she has a lot of cheesy moments too :D

    haha well u're the only person who doesn't particularly talk to me just to tell me to promote your blog, unlike SOME people :P And I guess I usually promote it subconciously because I end up mentioning u a lot.

    Oh yes that was a super long comment, I thought there would be a word limit or something on this thing :P
    Hahaha, talk to u there <3

  3. well. Right now another friend of ours is waaaay more excited than me about watching Break dawn =P

    Well facebook has loads of message issues too =P
    But we just never use skype, do we? =P

    hahaha "some people" =P

  4. Hahaha I know :P

    You're the one who said you don't like skype! I don't mind skype :D

  5. you are a wonderful friend, to write something as nice as this. I loved it. :)

  6. OMGGGGG! that was pretty sweet, casual and ofcoarse fun to read.

    I'm sorry, I was away from blog-reading stuff lately. Really sorry. I'll try to catch up soon, but studies and stuff...you understand right?

    Much love.

  7. That was absolutely brilliant ♥

    I've gone through the same stuff with a friend, only that she graduated a year earlier than me. & here I was planning for the two of us to walk for our diplomas together xD EHHH... I guess life changes us a lot (we still keep in touch, despite the new distances now :])!

    ♥ May your friendship prosper for all time :3

  8. This is lovely :)
    Smiled all the way through it :) Bet your friend loved it :)

  9. i love writing letters! :) good old fashioned pen and paper!! thanks for the comment, and thanks for sending questions, will be answering them soon! :)

  10. the best part? when you said your friends exchange bagfuls of candies.

    "and it was stacked neatly in ziplock bags, which kind of made it look like you were exchanging drugs or something. Freaky."

    nice post all the way. it was fun dropping by.

    rolynjane54.blogspot.com --> please do follow me back ^_^

  11. Mayen: aww thanks :)

    Maryam: haha thank youuuu. Yes I totally understand!

    Meli: ohh, my friend also graduated a few months before me :P It sure does, and it's great that you guys keep in touch :D

    Becca: Thanks :)

    Izdiher: haha thanks :)

    Philo: Yes she did :D

    Juliet: Yesss me too! But no one writes them anymore :( And you're welcome :)

    Orange pulps: Hahaha, glad you like it and I'm already following :)