Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blogger is making me sad :(

Whenever I publish a post it doesn't show up on people's dashboard. I followed myself to see whether it's there or not and it isn't!
This happened with my previous post too but all I had to do was follow myself, then unfollow, then log in again and follow again. After all that the post appeared on my dash.

But this time even that is not working!
I'm writing this post from my phone to see if this problem happens when I publish through my phone too.
Oh and I recently downloaded the official Blogger app and I love it :D

So does anyone know how to fix the problem? Or why my new posts are not showing up on the dashboard?

EDIT: I had to switch to the old interface and re-publish from there to fix the problem! I really hope blogger gets rid of this issue because I was really getting used to the new interface :/


  1. Oh no :( That would really irritate me, cause I love your posts. I saw this up on my dash though. I think the problem should be rectified then? All the best, and nice ^^ Blogger app, have fun!

  2. I think this happened a while back to most bloggers including me which was extremely irritating! I feel your pain lol :(

  3. aw man! that sucks!! :(
    I really dunno what the problem is though..

  4. Ugggh! Blogger has been driving me crazy lately! Glad you got your problem fixed.
    Love your blog! *following* ;o)

  5. I didn't like the new interface much. hence I switch back every few days. LAme, I know:P

    But I get your posts on my dash.

  6. Weird!
    I hate the new interface. -.-' In fact, I use the old one. xD

  7. I don't see a problem, I see your posts like everyone elses' .. :)

  8. I use the new interface when it first came out but thn I had some different problem with it one day as well so I decided to go back to the old one =P

  9. You are right. That happened with me too for quite a lot many times when a friend of mine just happened to stumbled across my blog and checked on my recent posts and did find some, however, she didn't get any updates on her dashboard.
    The new interface is really messing it up. I mostly use the old one. It's faithful.

  10. I could see this post. Andd the scratch-off challenge.

  11. Yeah, Blogger needs to get its act together.

  12. Thanks everyone for the comments :)
    I know some of you said you could see my posts and that's because I had to go through a lot of trouble to make them visible.
    Hopefully the problem resolves soon!

  13. :( hate when that happens. did you figure it out?