Friday, November 11, 2011

Annoying Facebookers.

- People who 'like' their own photos/statuses.
What the hell is up with that? Obviously you liked that photo or status, that's why you put it up in the first place. It's like high fiving yourself. No one likes your status, so you like it yourself to make yourself look less pathetic. Some of them do it to increase the number of likes on their photo. It's sad, really.
I guess I can forgive you if you've done it before, but from now on, don't do it. People will think you are some sort of self-obsessed attention-seeker, or at least that's what I'll think :)

- People who type like this:
dat is soooooo coooolllll iii hadddd nnoooo ideaaaaa!!
omg r u srs lol hve 2 nt uze 2 mny ltters
lolzz, i Am s0 Kewlxxx and awsum, hehexx. <3
...yeah, just don't.

- People who treat their facebook as their personal diary.
Is it really necessary for you to update us on every single thing you do?
"Eating porridge for dinner"- wow that is SO interesting and I really needed to know that.
Also people who whine about how much their life sucks and share their depression with the rest of the world. Once in a while is okay, I do it too, but almost every single day? Too much.
Some people update their status around 10 times in one go. Which is basically like spamming my homepage. No, I do not appreciate that.
I specially hate it when people put statuses like: This is just so sad, I can't believe this is happening :( and then when people ask them what's wrong, they just ignore. Why did you put it on facebook if you didn't want your friends to know about it? What was your purpose? To get attention? Yeah I thought so.

- The Farmvillers.
Or any other annoying game. I know there's an option to just block invitations and such but I still see tonnes of posts on my homepage about their farm or country or whatever the hell they are wasting their time on creating.

- The ones who worry about what their next profile picture will be 24/7.
Is it just me, or are people taking photos JUST so they can have a new display picture on their facebook? It's kinda funny, and to be honest, I do that too sometimes.
But tagging/untagging yourself in the SAME profile picture just so more people 'like' or comment on it is a little pathetic.
And taking a picture of yourself with a pout on your face, in front of a mirror, in the bathroom, is a little weird. Just saying.

Ok I just have to add one more thing. I hate it when a person 'likes' half of the posts on his/her homepage even though he/she doesn't really know what the posts are actually about.

So tell me, are you guilty of any of those annoying habbits on facebook? :D


  1. haha, wow, i do update too many statuses but those are all jokes or quotes wagaira, not that i am sitting on my potty but there is nothing coming out :P
    and i don't farmville, nor do i like my own statuses and photos and i don't even worry about my next d.p,\ but i do type like this,
    ths post is awsme :P


  3. I don't even have a Facebook page :p

  4. Na na never had such habits.. but yes seen a lot like these.. also the every post pe commenting chap, liking everything and d list is endless :P

  5. Very funny. I totally agree to everything. But I'm guilty of some. lol. Just the game status lol. I am addicted to offline Sims and now to FB sims but I just post like 3 statuses everyday, because I also get annoyed with people posting like every single development on their game. I just want to share the points with people who play the same game as mine. haha.. I really took time to justify my self.

    I don't use facebook status except if I have a new blog post. I guess people who likes to inform the world of what they do should use twitter instead.

    love love this post. :)

  6. omg thaaaaank u sooooo much 4 ur awsum comment n my blog U2 hav a verrrry kewlxxx) blog. Ur profile intro iz sooooooo funny u hav nnoooo ideaaaaaa!;)

  7. I just use Facebook to talk to Jessie and prostitute myself and my blog. But I know others who do this shit, and it needs to stop.

  8. lol so true i totally agree with you b/w I play farm ville too..:p

  9. All these points are valid :) They are all annoying :)
    I got so bored with Facebook, that I deleted my account.
    Even stupid tags are annoying :)

  10. hahhahaa
    HEY! Giving yourself a high five is AWESOME hahha =P
    (Not that I have done that before- but it's better than the embarassment when ppl don't notice your raised five)

    And what if, the photo you uploaded is a picture of a friend and you just so happened to actually really like it and want your other friends to look at it? =P

    haha, we've all had our "OMG lyk dis izzzz lyk SuPeR Kewl" moments

    the personal diary thing belongs more on twitter bcz if you don't actually want to know what they're doing, unfollow them BUT these update every few minutes thing is ok on "some" specific people who actually write abt something witty and funny.

    Yes I know how you hate gamers on fb who post for help =P
    I have deleted my "expired/old" game posts and I customize it so only people who are close friends AND play the game frequently =P (I'm like SOOO thoughtful =P)

    Chinese girls (well teenage girls) are born to be "vain" and like to take loads of pictures wherever they go, wherever they are.
    I even only "allow" myself to change my profile pic like every month only =P
    hahah, not too often =P

    It's not like you didn't already know my opinion on this since I talk to you everyday on fb =P

  11. I try my best to not be annoying xD But I still feel annoying anyway ♥

    Great post, for I share the same pet peeves, lol!

  12. Ugh, Facebook can be so depressing lol

  13. I frequently post some status' which only read ':(' just to attract some attention. :D

  14. so true, so true. you just gave many reasons why i dont like FB! :)

  15. Ateeq: hahahaha, your typing is not that bad, i've seen worse :P

    Jodie-Ann: lol i'm glad you like it :D

    Jay: Oh you're one of THOSE people! haha, good good :)

    Confused soul: Exactly! I hate people who do that :/

    Pandora's box: hahahaha, I'm guessing you wrote like that to annoy me? Cause you seem normal on your blog :P

    Mark: Hahaha, no idea who Jessie is. Yes, it needs to stop!

    Shoib: Nooo. Farmville is lame, lol :P

    Philo: Yeah tags are annoying too! Wow I don't think I would ever delete my account :P

    Ezazi: Great :D

    Twefrence: Nah, I have some people who update me on everything thru their statuses -.- Glad you are being thoughtful about the games, unlike some :P

    Meli: Hahaha I'm sure you're not THAT annoying :D

    Hazel: Yes, yes it can :P

    AcetylCholine: lol i'm happy you owned up to it :D

    Juliet, Kathy: Glad you guys could relate :)

  16. These is definitely true! These people are just so annoying~

  17. Story of my life. Facebook ticks me off so bad, but I can't stay away from it.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  18. I didn't think I would delete it either. But then I just did :D

  19. At first I read "ate potpourri for dinner" and was like, wait, why wouldn't you want to hear about that?!

  20. Hey, girl! This is a funny post and so true.

    From this list, I am only guilty of typing likeeeeee thisssss. I only do it sometimes though!

    I so agree with the rest. It's so annoying!

    P.S. Thanks for following my blog and loving my header! You made me smile. :] I'm following you too, love.

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  21. Umi: Yup!

    Bonnie: Haha me too.

    Philo: I'm proud of you them :P

    Megan: Hahaha, well it was porridge!

    Bree: Sometimes is ok, but I hate it when people type like that ALL the time, pisses me off :P
    Aw, you're welcome :)

  22. :D

    FB can drive people crazy :) The worst and new parents! Their kid yawns, a photo is uploaded, poops, another photo, cries, one more and so on :D

    Shoosh, my friends are all busy delivering babies I guess! I am gone for few weeks and there are ten more babies to look at.

    And there was this one guy on a blogger group on facebook who posted his links and liked everytime! I wish he had typed thank you to himself as well. No one, ever, really ever, hit like on his blogpost! Sad.

  23. woah...!
    1st time on ya blog .. and it really is beautiful..! PURPLE being one of the most mystical shades adds to the charm..!
    thank GOD em not on FB :)
    it only saves my time and mental illness :)
    but this was by far a very interesting hilarious post to read and read out loud :)

    ps- following u..!

  24. TheBluntBlogger: Hahahaha, thank god none of my friends are old enough to be parents! That must be really annoying :P
    LOL, yeah I know of bloggers who do that too, sad indeed :P

    Suvaiba: The purple-ness seems to be what people notice first :P
    Haha, I couldn't stay away from fb even though it has annoying people in it. Glad you like the post and thanks for following :D

  25. Have you seen that page that says "Don't send me another FarmVille add or I will burn your crops and kill your animals" or something like that. I really WISH to do something like that. I mean milking cows, growing strawberries? BAH! Then there are plenty of Mafia wars addicts on my friend list. SO annoying.
    And oh, the likers. They don't just like their own posts/ photos/videos they like random comments/status updates which they may have no clue of. :S I guess I am guilty of asking a lot of friends to like my posts. Only friends though. :P
    And that collage picture was awesome. Happens sooo often.

  26. hahahhaha, true story! :D
    i love the humor in ur writing, and the pun intended!!

  27. Crystal: hahahaha omg I loved your comment! I agree with everything! I also have a lot of people who like a 100 pages each day :P

    One life: Hahaha thanks :D

  28. hahahah..i hate ppl who like their won status..ahhh..i like this post :)