Saturday, October 8, 2011

Goodbye Followers, Hello Exams :(

So, I logged in to Blogger today to see that I have lost 3 followers. THREE.
It might not sound like a big number but for someone who just crossed the 100 mark, it's sad. If I lose one more, I'll go back to have less than a hundred, after getting all excited about having crossed the mark. This doesn't happen, people don't just lose followers like that. What did I do?!

I haven't posted in weeks. I actually have a reason this time. I have my final exams coming up in a few days so I'm staying away from Blogger. It's distracting.
But I have been working on a much anticipated post: A Letter To Twefrence.
It's already the longest post I've written on my blog and I'm not done yet!
Studying has been keeping me busy, so I can't really sit down and just finish it. When I write a post, it takes me so long to complete it. I wish I was like one of those bloggers who can easily write something every day or at least regularly :/

The next post I publish will most likely be the letter. But I have no guarantees on when it will be posted because I really I am very busy these days. Exams are nerve-wracking. AND I'm retaking two subjects so there's double the pressure. Wish me luck!

This was the last week of college for me. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that, it all happened so fast. My college experience was different from what people would usually experience in college, it was not entirely 'fun' and 'relaxed'. So in some ways I'm glad it's over. But in a way I do think a lot has changed this year.  I have met a ton of new people and made a lot of friends. Many of whom I won't be seeing after college, which sucks.

Speaking of exams, multiple choice questions (MCQs) really drive me crazy. I always have TWO options which I think are the answer and I can't decide on which one I should circle. WHY am I so indecisive?
My thought process while doing MCQs:
"Hmm, I haven't used C in a while..."
"I've answered B for the past 5 questions, one of them must be wrong!"

My first exam is on the 19th of October and the last is on the 22nd of November.
I'll TRY to post the letter somewhere in between because I have pretty long gaps in November. OR I might even post it before my exams start. But that's unlikely.

WISH ME GOOD LUCK! I really really need it.
And sorry I haven't really been commenting on anyone's blog recently. I hope you understand!
I shall leave you with my very doodled on folder. It's not finished yet because my marker stopped working, but this shows how bored I get in class :P

P.S. I'm really liking the new Blogger now, it's so convenient, specially when editing posts!


  1. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
    am still here,
    best of luck for ur exams :D

  2. Wish you good luck for ur papers.

  3. Don't lose heart. You shall have many more followers. Your doodle is pretty good. Do share more of them. All the best for your exams :)

  4. Good Luck, Good Luck, Good Luck with studying! That doodle looks like awesome :D I love it, :P A lil jealous >< Btw I joined NaNoWriMo! I hope it's fun :D

  5. .oh i wasnt the one who backed up.. hehee..

    the doodle was nice =)


  6. I'm still here. :) Good luck on the exams.. and those doodles are great!! :D

  7. Glad to see you haven't disappeared! And good luck with your exams :)

  8. ahh.. forget those who unfollowed you. Sometimes we just have to let someone go. we'll wait for you patiently hun. take your time and enjoy your remaining days in college.. Whoa.. that's an achievement CONGRATULATIONS my dear!

  9. awww
    I don't get it when ppl un-follow you(?) when all they do is merely not update very much. Because you want QUALITY not QUANTITY right?

    I like how my name has been mentioned in SO many blog posts of yours =P
    (yes, I'm still PATIENTLY waiting =D)

    mmm college... not exactly a fun experience, you'll be done soon =)

    I totes agree with the MCQS, esp econs.
    Well there IS this "theory" out somewhere that the majority answers are C...

    Oooh your folders looking Good =D


  10. Ateeq: Haha that's great! And thanks a lot, I really need it ! :D

    Aiman: Thanks :)

    Sh@s:Thank youuuuu :D

    DeadEyes: Thanku thanku thanku! Omg yayyy! Good luck with nano! It will definitely be fun. Stressful, but fun :P

    Jodie: Thanks, I hope so :P

    Kharren: Thanks :)

    Leah: Thank you! And yeah I saw your blog a few days ago, didn't have time to comment :P

    Hazel: Thanks :)

    My 2 Pesos: Thanks :)

    Becca: Thanks :)

    Mayen: Awww thank you so much mayen! :D

    Twefrence: Yesss totally, quality>quantity :D
    hahaha, well you do mention my name a lot too :P
    C? My brother said "when in doubt, choose B".
    Haha thank youuuuu :D

  11. I'm still here too:)
    Good luck with your exams.

    And I HATE MCQ's for the same reason, two goddamn right answers - a reason I chose to stay away from science.

    Anway, come back soon!

  12. I have been the same way! I started college and haven't been around anywhere. In fact, I'm surprised i haven't lost followers. But I'm sad you did :(
    Good luck on all your tests!
    And I love your folder. It's pretttttty. And thank you for the comments on my blog :) Because I've been so disconnected lately from the blog world, they really meant a lot to me. Have a good week! :D

  13. Naomi: Thank you soooo much :D
    And you're welcome :)