Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No, I am not dead.

Yessss, I know, I'm posting after AGES but I have a perfectly good excuse this time. I was on a holiday, and I didn't get to use the laptop much while I was there so I couldn't find time to upload. But now I'm back!

1. The holiday I went on was pretty short, not even two weeks, but I had so much fun! I didn't want to go because I only had two weeks until my mock exams and I was not prepared at all, but the trip was totally worth it. And I'm proud to say that I went on all the roller-coasters at a theme park, which is a huge thing for me since I've always been too scared.

Yes, I went on these, can you believe it? I still can't.

2. The bad thing is that I have less than a week to study a whole semester's work for the mocks. And less than two months to study for the real exams plus the retakes. Sigh :(

3. I got the shock of my life (seriously) when I saw that I have 99 followers. NINETY-NINE!
How did THAT happen? :O AND I got the most comments I have ever gotten in my previous post. 40 comments. And I haven't even replied to many of them. I'm so happy, thank you guys! :D

4. I know I have some serious catching up to do with all your blogs. But I'm sorry to say, I think I'll try staying away from blogger until my mock exams end, I need to do some proper studying :/

I have so much to post but so little time, this really sucks. I'll try to write more as soon as I can.
P.S. Have any of you tried the 'updated Blogger interface'? Do you like it?
I think I prefer the old one because it's simpler, the new one will take some time getting used to.


  1. Aww I want to go on some rollercoasters! Good luck with your exams, I understand that you'll have to stay off blogger to concentrate on them. Exams come first afterall! Congrats on the 99 followers and I don't like the new interface at all.

  2. I hate the new interface. It seems less intuitive than the old one, and welcome back!

  3. Good luck! :D
    that roller coaster looks FUNNN. and nerve wrecking too. :P
    tried the updated interface. DISLIKEEEE.

  4. best of luck (real) for your mock exam :P

    and yes you are missed on blogger and do post the so many things that you want to :)

  5. Gooooooooood luck for exams do well and make us proud xx
    i tried new interface its quite good with editing the post...


  6. All the best for your mocks. Just one more to go and you shall hit a century ;)


  8. Good luck with studying!
    And I love the new blogger interface, but that's just meee

  9. awww I missed you. (What with both of us being on vacation)
    DANG IT. I want to go on the rides!
    I love roller coasters!
    All of us should all go some day =D
    (Wouldn't if be awesome? I can already imagine it =P)

    Good luck to your mocks!
    I know how much it is a pain in the ass.
    Oh and I wonder who's going to be the lucky 100th follower =)

  10. Oh forgot to say:
    Am using the new blogger format
    meh... just needs a little getting used to I guess
    it's very...white

  11. i love roller coaster! i wish i could try that one. oh good luck on your exams.. we'll be waiting and congrats to 99 followers. you deserve it. :)

  12. Now you have a 100:) Glad to have the honor..

    And I don't like the new one much. More difficult to refresh every three seconds to check for comments, you see:P

  13. oldie is goldie...
    OMG, u really had that roller coaster ride, man it looks so awesome....did dehladeney wali
    good luck with ur exams.

  14. Hazel: Glad you understand, and thanks :D

    Jay: Yess. I think the newer one looks more 'modern', but it doesn't feel blogger-ish :/

    Furby: Yes, it was very nerve wrecking :P Yes, dislikeee.

    Muhammad Israr: Haha thanks! :)

    Chintan: Thank youuuu! Really? I just played wit it for a while then went back to the old one :P

    Sh@s: I just did! 101 now, i'm so happy :D

    Jodie-Anne: Hahahaha, you defintely seem like someone who loves rollercoasters :P

    Ovais: Thank you :) Wow, that's a first, everyone else seems to not like it much :P

    Twefrence: I knowwww, I missed you too. Haha yess, that would be awesome :D
    Thanks! I'm dying here, as you probably know :P
    Hahahaha, yes, white, that's the word :P

    Mayen: Thank you so much for everything :D

    Priyanka: Omg thank youuuuuu!! I like you already :P
    Hahaha, I haven't tried the refreshing thing!

    Ateeq: Haha, yessss it was exactly that :D and thanks!

  15. Good luck for your papers!
    You went on this ride? Woah!!

  16. I went on these kinda rides in Norway. its fun :D

  17. Rollercoasterssss. <3
    And good luck! :D

  18. Roller coaster is always fun. best of luck for everything.

    Follow each other .

  19. Uruj: Thanks, and yup :D

    Aman: Cool, but I wouldn't want to keep going on them :P

    Maryam: Thank youuu, I'm done with exams for now :D

    Izdiher: Thanks, and sure :)

  20. Good luck on your exams and congrats on your Blogoversary! I could hardly believe it when I hit a year on mine. It goes fast!

  21. Hurrah for the roller coasters & good luck with the exams ~

  22. Thank you for dropping by and for following me :)
    I didn't really like the new blogger interface. I'm sticking to the old one :)
    I love roller coaster rides :) Good luck for your studies!
    Take Care :)

  23. Jon Paul: Thank you :D And yes it does!

    iZaynab: Thanks :)

    Philo: You're welcome, and thanks a lot :D