Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shoes and Music.

Those 3 days of exams were absolute torture but at least it's over :D
(I'll probably go MIA again after a few weeks, more exams coming up).

Do you want to know what pisses me off? No? I'm gonna tell you anyways...

When you go into a really crowded shoes shop which hardly has any place to walk. And all you want to do is sit down and try on some shoes but there are all these people occupying all the seats even though they don't even need to try anything! I specially hate it when those people are not even there to SHOP. They just sit on the seats while their friends/wife/mothers/sisters try on shoes.

Usually I wouldn't mind because to be honest, sometimes I do that too. If I'm tired from walking and I'm not in the mood to look for shoes, I'll just sit while other people look around.
But I wouldn't do that if the whole shop is in chaos. I'd at least have the decency to move out of the way for someone who's actually there to buy something -.-

And just so you know, trying on shoes while standing is extremely uncomfortable. Specially when you are carrying a lot of stuff while doing it. And even more when you already don't like shopping for shoes.

I have completely abandoned my blogging list! I want to finish it because there are only three more things left that I need to write on. So I'm going to do one right now.

I Couldn't Live Without This Song

I don't really have a direct answer for this. My favourite songs change a lot, and what I want to listen to depends on my mood.

I never really had a favourite Artist/Band. For me it was always certain songs by an artist/band that I liked. But now, I have to admit, I think I have found my favourite band: The Script!

I'm in love pretty much every song I've heard by them :D

Back to the topic. There's no song that I COULDN'T live without. I mean, I know people are always saying stuff like 'I can't live without music', but obviously they can. Ok, maybe I'm taking this too literally :P
But if I really had to choose, that would be a really long list. But some of my all-time favourites are: Closing Time- Semisonic, Total Eclipse of the Heart- (Westlife version), Gotta Be Somebody and Photographs- Nickelback and pretty much every song by Enrique Iglesias (because he's my favourite artist).

These days I'm obsessed with everything The Script, and a few songs by Hinder, like 'Without You'. Oh and 'Falling In' by Lifehouse :)

P.S. I tried to look at as many blogs as I could to catch up, but I'm sure I missed out on a lot because I only read the ones which have been updated in the last 3 days.
P.P.S. The Vampire Diaries is baaaack! That was probably the highlight of my weekend, since I haven't been doing anything for the past few days except lazing around at home :D

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No, I am not dead.

Yessss, I know, I'm posting after AGES but I have a perfectly good excuse this time. I was on a holiday, and I didn't get to use the laptop much while I was there so I couldn't find time to upload. But now I'm back!

1. The holiday I went on was pretty short, not even two weeks, but I had so much fun! I didn't want to go because I only had two weeks until my mock exams and I was not prepared at all, but the trip was totally worth it. And I'm proud to say that I went on all the roller-coasters at a theme park, which is a huge thing for me since I've always been too scared.

Yes, I went on these, can you believe it? I still can't.

2. The bad thing is that I have less than a week to study a whole semester's work for the mocks. And less than two months to study for the real exams plus the retakes. Sigh :(

3. I got the shock of my life (seriously) when I saw that I have 99 followers. NINETY-NINE!
How did THAT happen? :O AND I got the most comments I have ever gotten in my previous post. 40 comments. And I haven't even replied to many of them. I'm so happy, thank you guys! :D

4. I know I have some serious catching up to do with all your blogs. But I'm sorry to say, I think I'll try staying away from blogger until my mock exams end, I need to do some proper studying :/

I have so much to post but so little time, this really sucks. I'll try to write more as soon as I can.
P.S. Have any of you tried the 'updated Blogger interface'? Do you like it?
I think I prefer the old one because it's simpler, the new one will take some time getting used to.