Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Untitled. Because I'm lazy.

Something I'm currently worrying about is my novel. Yes, that old thing. The one I bring up randomly because it's always in the back of my head, the one I'm supposed to be ignoring until my A'levels end. Recently I have started working on it, not too much, just when I have nothing else to do, or when I get an idea.

So what's to worry? - I have no idea what I'm doing. I looked back at my notes, and all I could think was how messed up everything is. I also really want to change something in the story, but that 'something' is a pretty major point. And that's not all. I also want to add a few things, take out some things, but I want to change a lot of things. I guess this is where the editing process comes in. But I feel that if I edit this novel, the original story that I started out with will be completely gone, that's how much I'm intending to change it. I even want to change the main character's name even though I’m used to the previous one.

Right now I doubt almost everything I have written so far. But I know that I need to let go of some of the plot scenes (and even characters) that I started out with, obviously they're not suiting the rest of the story.
On a more positive note, I re-read some of my chapters and I realised that a lot of stuff I wrote is not bad, I can still make this work. I just need to write, edit, plan, re-write, edit again and so on, until I'm happy with the result. Yes, that could take years, and my friends who are eager to read it will have to wait quite a lot. But it's better than letting them read something which I myself wasn't satisfied with.

Once I get my plot figured out (I'm working on that these days when I get the time), I will write a synopsis/blurb (the thing you find at the back of the novel). Because people keep asking me what my novel is about and I'm never able to answer them clearly. I have a feeling that is because I’m not so sure myself. Of course, I know what happens and why it happens but as a whole, I still have a lot of figuring out to do.
When I'm done writing the synopsis, I'll post it on here so you guys can read it too and let me know what you think :D
I don't think many of you know this but my other hobby (besides writing) is art. Though I don't do much of it anymore, I've started sketching and drawing more since I began college. I doodle a lot in class. So someone suggested that I should post my doodles/drawings on here when I have nothing else to post.
So here is one I completed recently, it has a lot of details, so it took me quite some time!

Sorry it's a little blur on the edges. Should I post more of my drawings on here? It took me ages to upload this one, blogger was having issues :/
And I know some of you have written/ are writing a novel too. So tell me, do you have doubts like this? When everything you thought your novel would be just disappears and you start seeing the plot holes and all you wanna do is just give up?
Please tell me I’m not the only one!


  1. I would love to write a novel but I haven't got a clue how to start! And I also uploaded pictures of my sketches onto my blog, you should check them out! :)

  2. WOW. That drawing was AWESOME! You sure have some sick talent inside you, girl.
    And I CAN'T WAIT to read the plot. Seriously. And I hope your novel becomes a bestseller.

  3. I've always wanted to write aa novel but I can never figure out the plot :/
    But I know what my character's names, star signs, characteristics and hair colours are. Is that weird?

  4. Oooh you finally put your doodles up here =D
    I wonder how much lead you used on it =P
    I know! Blogger uploader sucks, it's super slow =P
    Wow.. you've been thinking a lot abt your novel..
    I've hardly touched mine and I kinda started on another =P

  5. First, drawing is awesomeeee.

    And yes, you're not alone. My novels are always good when they're in my head. They start to look wrong once its written down.

  6. Tell us something about your novel. I am writing one too foo Nano-Wrimo, I have completed around ten chapters and now I am blocked.

    I can't think anything =(
    BTW, best of luck for your novel!

    The Doodles are Splendid.!!

  7. I like that sketch, yes please post more :)

    I've heard John Green talk about editing his books. It sounds pretty normal to make big changes to what you thought the story was going to be. Apparently everything people like about his stories came from the editing process. Maybe keep the old draft for history and make a second file where you edit like crazy :)

  8. That drawing is SO COOL! I want to see more :D
    And yayy for writing novels! :D Keep at it. Your novel will turn out amazing in the end.

  9. i would love to get my poems published but not sure where to start thinking of self publishing. let me know when your novel is published i will totally buy it

  10. Hey there, gorgeous! :D
    You have been tagged in my recent post! Go check! :D

  11. Agreed with Hanis. I started up with a novel too, long time back and got blocked after writing 5 chapters. Its always easy plotting a book in your mind, but writing is where the tough job comes in.

    Keep on editing the novel, give it an edge with your twists and turns. Once you start writing, hundreds of ideas going to bombard you, its you who has to be wise enough to jot down the divine and interesting ones, into your book.

    Hey, btw i am Komal. XD
    And i suck at doodle art. :P

  12. I am your recent follower and trust me, I liked this very first post of yours.

    Although I am not writing a novel, I surely do wish you a good luck! Writing a novel, I am sure, isn't easy yet once you have written it, you'll do great.

    Also, I LOVED THAT DRAWING! Another one of your fantastic skills, I think. :D

  13. Hazel: Yup, starting is hard. I couldn't do it until I participated in NaNoWriMo, you should give it a try!

    Ezazi: Thank youuuu :D You're the awesomest commenter! haha, i'll try to write the blurb asap for you guys.

    Cricketfreak: Hahaha that is so weird :P

    Twefrence: Yup! A LOT of lead :P Mhmm, need to STOP thinking about my novel since I have stupid a'levels to think aboutt :/

    Hanis: Thanksss :) Ahhh, exactly! I mean, some parts are good but others are so messed up and now I feel like nothing fits together :(

    Hamza: I will I will, when I post up the synopsis/blurb :) WOW, ten chapters is a lot! And yes, when I was doing NaNo,I had a lot of writer's block too, you'll get past it, don't worry :D

    JW: Thanks :D I really like John Green, since I read Looking for Alaska recently. Yeah, I think I KNOW making these changes is good for the novel, I'm just hesitant to do it because I'm scared I will lose the orignial idea :/ Yup it's time to edit like crazy!

    Jodie: Hahaha thanks :D

    Becca: Self publishing can be hectic, good luck! And thanks :D

    KN: Yes, exactly! Thanks for the advice :D Haha, hello to you too, I shall go look at your blog now :)

    Faryal: Thank you so much :D And welcome to my blog!

  14. you sound exactly where I was a few years ago. I changed my MCs name, added plot points, took some out, killed off characters, and changed everyone's religion.

    yes, it lost something in the translation, which makes me sad. But it gained a lot too. So...I hope that the pros outweighed the cons.

  15. you are not the only one. I tried to write a novel. never even finish chapter one. I just gave up. But i know you can do it. I can't wait to read it. Anyway, the drawing is so nice. I love it. yes show us more drawings... :)

  16. THAT drawing is just awesome, and about ur novel thing it was like i was reading about what happens when i am writing something, its kinda too vague for me to get a single theme out of it,
    lol, i started with almost 10 novels but after few chapters its like i can't continue.
    btw, love ur blog.
    brand new follower here

  17. Tamara: Wow, really? That worked out really well for you since your novel is already published!
    Thanks for stopping by :D

    Mayen: Haha, thank you so much :)

    Ateeq: Yes exactly! After a while it gets vague and then you start feeling doubtful :/
    Thanks for following! :D

  18. Your art is wonderful! :)
    Upload those photos on flicker or something and post the links here.
    I am guessing you love to plums! :P

  19. Uruj: Thanks :) I'm too lazy to get a flickr and go through the trouble of uploading them :P
    I have no idea if I like to 'plums' cuz I don't know what that is :P