Friday, August 19, 2011

InsomniaStrikes- The Story Behind This Blog.

You know what I realised? You guys barely know anything about me!
I know most of your names, where you come from etc... but me? I've tried to stay as anonymous as I can on this blog. I don't know why. When I first started blogging, my main goal was: to stay anonymous. I mean, it wasn't like no one knew that I had started blogging and it wasn't like I was talking about my biggest, darkest secrets on here or something :P. I just didn't want to tell everyone about this. But now that it has been over a year, a lot more people (who know me in person) are aware that I blog. Still, I've only told people I'm close to, people who I wouldn't mind looking at my blog (though I DO regret telling a few of those people).
So yeah, I feel I've come a long ways since 1st July, when I first started blogging.
WAIT. Oh my god.
I missed my first blogoversary! I just checked and my first post was written on 1st July 2010. I am exactly 50 days late, but what the heck, Happy (belated) Blogoversary to me! :D
This was my first post (feel free to laugh):

Reasons for starting a blog:
1. I'm bored.
2. I have nothing else to do.
3. It seems interesting,so i'm giving it a go..
4. I need a place to write my thoughts.
5. I'm bored.
6. Blogging is cool =D (I think..)
7. Did I mention I'm bored?
..So here I goooo!
(Apologies for my lameness.)
I still remember back when I had maybe around 3 followers. How that number got to 91- I have no idea. But if I learnt one thing from this is that: if you want something, you have to give something back. This applies to blogging because if you truly want people to read your blog, know what you have to say, and respond to it, you have to do the same thing for them. It won't happen magically, it takes time and effort. Some bloggers get readers quickly, but it took me over a year to get this many people to read my blog, and it wasn't easy. 

So I'm actually proud of myself, because if you asked me this time last year whether I would still be blogging in 2011, I probably would have said no. 
This blog was just a 'pass time' for me during my 6 months holiday last year. I had too much time on my hands so I decided to start a blog. 
Why InsomniaStrikes? Because at that time I used to sleep really late (around 4 a.m, maybe even later), and I would stay up all alone with nothing to do, I just couldn't get myself to fall asleep at normal times like everyone else. So I settled with InsomniaStrikes because it suited, and I was tired after thinking of a name for hours.
I found all sorts of blogs which inspired me to write more on my own. And I have to say, I didn't realise just HOW many young people have blogs until I began looking around. I made some great friends through this site, read stuff which made me laugh and stuff which made me think (a lot) and I'm so so glad that I didn't give up on blogging :) (why does this sound like a good-bye post or something? :P)
Also, I would like to thank Twefrence for supporting me with my blogging from the very beginning, even when I practically forced her to make a blog too. If it wasn't for her, it is very likely that I would have quit. And I'm glad that she's still blogging on hers too, instead of just doing it for a while then forgetting about it. So THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH :D (And I KNOW you're waiting for the 'A Letter to Twefrence' post that I said I would write- just wait, i'll post it when you're not expecting it, in other words when I'm done with and I feel satisfied with the outcome. Be patient! :D).
I've thought about it, and I don't really want to go un-anonymous just yet, maybe I will someday, but not now. I can tell you, though, that I'm a girl (you probably already guessed that :P) and I turned seventeen a few months ago. 
Oh and just to make you happy (and because you have read this far), i'll tell you some other random stuff too:
- There was a time when I was obsessed with water droplets. Yes, water droplets. Don't ask why, I don't know myself. I just thought they were cute. My friend's used to 'kill' the droplets (squish them with their thumbs) in front of me to make me sad :P
- My classes in college are like 3 hours long, so we get a 10-15 minute break half way through the class. While all my other classmates fall asleep on the desk, or play Angry Birds on their phone, or go down to the cafeteria to eat. Guess what I'm doing? 
Reading MLIA (My Life Is Average) posts through my phone and probably making myself look like an idiot while smiling/laughing stupidly at the screen :D
- I like chocolate. I stay away from it now- too much sugar, but I still eat a lot of chocolate flavoured stuff. Like Oreos. And chocolate chip cookies. And brownies. Yeahhh, so much for consuming less sugar :P
- While a lot of people out there are trying to lose weight, I'm trying to gain it. Don't you find it weird how there's like a million T.V shows like 'The Biggest Loser' and 'Downsize me'- all about people losing weight and turning their lives around, but there's nothing which shows people trying to gain weight?
I'm not complaining though, but what I'm saying is that in some ways, gaining weight can be harder than losing it, for certain people.
- I am very much obsessed with The Script right now. I've already mentioned this before but I'm gonna say it again. All their songs are so catch and deep and amazing!! I have always been someone who likes the songs not the artists/bands. But I like pretty much every The Script song I come across.
My favourite keeps changing, last week it was 'If You Ever Come Back' and now it's 'Man That Can't Be Moved' :D
- I'm sitting across my brother on the table and I randomly blurted out, "I'm gonna die."
And guess what he replied? "Thank you."
hahaha such nice siblings I have :P
This turned out to be wayyy longer than I expected!
So yeah, this is the 'story' of my blog...and me. I just realised that I didn't really make it sound like a story. Oh well.
I'll shut up now and go back to work :D


  1. You're right, I've come to learn blogging is a two way relationship. I don't blame you for remaining anonymous, I'm pretty anonymous myself.

    Wow, you're young for college, or when you say college to do mean high school? Yay for chocolate! And about gaining weight, it's probably your fast metabolism because you're young. There will come a time, guaranteed, that your metabolism will slow down. So maybe enjoy it for now?

  2. Congrats on the blog-anniversary. I like the scripts too.

  3. LOLOLOL! Happy related anniversary! <3
    I LOVE THIS POST! :D It's so interesting :)

  4. I love the name and how it came about. Very creative :P

  5. In university, I had a class that was 6 hours long! :D Haha. I lurve this post.

  6. Hahah. I love reading such dialogues between siblings. Mine are like this too. Fun na? :D

    And even anonymously you have made it so far, that after actually knowing you, i think, you'll earn even more of respect and regard.

    The story of your blog was actually interesting, no wonder. And i gotta say, i am a huge fan of Damien Rice nowadays. If you haven't yet, check out his 'Blower's Daughter', '9crimes' and 'Delicate'. Absolutely lovable! :D

  7. I love the Script! They are so awesome!
    And I don't think it really matters how anonymous you are-a lot of people here are pretty anonymous too. And it's good. Think of stalkers :O

  8. Hahhaha this was all so interesting. =D


    You and your blog both rock. No, wait. ROCK. Oh, yeah! That's more like it!=D

    SO you totally deserve everyone of these 91 people. Each one.

    Keep typing! Cheers!=D

  9. HAPPY BLOG O VERSARY ~ ! ! ! ! : D
    & Yeah iWanted to keep it a secret by iGave up.
    iEven came out at school for a project on our talents. : O
    Really awesome post iLearned quite a bit of lovely things from you now. : )

  10. u have been awarded at my blog, :D, get it:

  11. This is sooo interesting!


    I used to race water droplets.
    While doing almost anything. Chuck a few on the walls and then wait for them to go down the wall.

    Chocolate. <3

    The Script? she had the script's cry on her phone yesterday..

  12. HAhahaa.
    So THIS was the reason why you wanted more "facts" about yourself.
    and awwww, you're welcome =P I enjoy reading your blog posts =D and mine are just shitty rants so =P hahah. You totally deserve your near 100 followers =)
    I like how I know you "IRL" so my reaction to this post is:
    "HA! You didn't tell them about wiggly arms!"
    Try and explain THAT =P

    Yes, I am still waiting... (I almost thought THIS was the letter.. but ok. fine, I'll wait)

  13. Heyyy, Happy Belated Blogoversary to you :)
    Nice to know you, why you started your blog and everything else, Glad to be one of your 91 readers :)

  14. just thinking, what people think of u while u r staring at ur screeen and laughing. :P
    chocolates <3 i love all the chocolates containing caramel
    water droplets, the look beautiful when they r sliding through the glass.
    loved reading it, and am glad that i am ur follower.

  15. lol, that MLIA page is awesome...

  16. Aww I love finding out how blogs got their name and this was so creative! :)

    Only my other half knows I blog - I don't think I'd like actual people I know reading it besides him. So I understand you wanting to remain anonymous!

    Oh and happy belated anniversary!

  17. I just awarded you :) congrads :P You can get it at my latest post:

  18. Taha: Thanks :)

    Jay: Hm, well by college I mean A'levels, and after that I'll be going to uni. But yeah, I'm a year youner than most of my classmates. Haha, but i'm like pretty underweight right now, can't really 'enjoy' that :P

    Jodie-Anne: Haha thankss :D

    Tay Tay: YAY thankyou so much :D

    Aasiyah: Woah 6 hours?! I wouldn't be able to sit through that much torture :P

    KN: Haha yes, these dialogues are funny :P
    Aww thank you :)
    Ohh I'll check out Damien Rice!

    Cricketfreak: I knowwww. Hahahaha, stalkers, yet that's what I was thinking when I stayed anon :P

    Ezazi: Thank youuuuu :D

    iZaynab: Woahhh that's awesome, showing your blog for a talent project!

    Ateeq: Yayy thanks :D And MLIA is so addictive! :D

    Ovais: haha I used to love watching them race too, on the car window! You need to distract yourself :)

    Twefrence: haha yup :P and I actually like reading your rants! hahaha ok, I honestly forgot about the squiggly arms thing, since no one has done it to me recently :P

    Serendipity: Thanks :D

    Hazel: Thank you, I'm so glad you guys can relate to the anon thing :P

  19. Wish your blog a belated Happy B'day and a long life. Loved the post. Don't worry you will put on weight.

  20. Hey. Glad you told us about yourself =D
    4 years go when I started blogging, I didn't want anyone I know to read my blog either.. Now almost everyone knows about it. I get mad if they don't read =P

    I <3 MILA and chocolates ^^

  21. I can relate to this post oh-so-much.

    I have been here for 2 years or so.. but I still choose to be anonymous! Dunno why!

    Great blog! great post!

  22. I really like the name, it struck my attention, which made me came here!

    I really like your blog :]
    We should follow eachother!

  23. K so HAPPYBLOGGOVERSARYYYYYYTOYOUUU =D I don't blame you for being anonymous at all. You need that space for yourself sometimes where you can blurt out whatever the hell you want and not be held accountable for it whatsoever. Loved the random facts about you :P Hahaha your brother's response xP

  24. Hey there pretty seventeen ;)
    This purple mist and the magical blog you own is enough to explain that you are one hopeless dreamer :)
    Btw, I too had quite similar thoughts in my mind when I started Blogging around 9 months back, eventually met a hell no of cool people from almost all over the globe. This is one lovely experience in itself. M glad to visit your page.

    Love, Risha :)


  26. And here's your 93rd follower, way to go :)

  27. Sh@s: Thanks :D

    Sidrah: Hahaha! Yayyy, I'm on MLIA and I'm eating chocolate :P And don't worry, I make more typos than anyone else I know!

    The Blue Periwinkle: Thank you, glad you can relate to it! :)

    TiasaurusRex: Defintely! Following you now :D

    a*: Yesss, exactly! And thanks! :)

    Risha: Awww thanks! And it sure is a good experience.

    Ezazi: Omg, thanks!! :D

    Chintan: Haha thank you so much :)

  28. happy blogversary... thats one benefit of internet that you can stay anonnymous as long as you like :)

  29. Hhahaha ..:D
    Happy Belated Blogoversary to you :)

  30. I just dropped into your blog and such an interesting read :)
    Happy(belated)Blogoversary to you! :D
    You have a very nice blog! I love the theme and the layout!
    I'm trying to gain weight too :P
    WIll surely drop in again!
    Do check out my space :)
    Take Care!

  31. What a fantastic and funny post!
    It's nice to read what goes on from a students perspective.
    Always good to stay anonymous... although just how anonymous are we really these days...?

  32. 10 minutes of my life I'm never gonna get back.

  33. Muhammad Israr: Thank you :)

    Aman: Thanks :D

    Philo: Haha thanks, and sure I will as soon as I get the time :)

    Miss Teacher: So true, you never know :/ Thanks for stopping by!

    MothSmokeLover: lol too bad :P

  34. Blogging is absolutely a two-way street--it's a whole group of friends who support you and cheer you on. It's something I never expected and am so happy to have and be a part of.

    By the way, you have an award waiting for you on my blog that I hope you will like. :)

  35. Happy belated anniversary - I think at least half of the bloggers out there started out of boredom!

  36. Belated happy blogversary to you :D ... I'm sorry this is the 1st time I happened to leave a comment on your blog...

    I think staying anonymous makes sense...And keeping it that way is quite a difficult task...but you've done it! way to go :D .. you totally deserve the 91 followers... Keep blogging :)