Friday, July 22, 2011

When teachers try to be funny...

It's painful to watch.
A couple of months ago, if the teacher tried to make us laugh (and failed), I would just smile out of respect for them so at least they know I'm listening. But now all I can do is clench my mouth shut and try not to show how frustrated I am. Seriously.. just get on with the damn lesson!
We all know the class is extremely boring and most of the students are yawning half an hour into it, but you don't have to make it worse by trying to 'lighten us up' with your pathetic jokes.
And every time you say something funny, you don't have to inform us by saying, "You see, I have to say things like this to get my students' attention." If your joke WAS funny (which it probably wasn't), you just ruined it. Next time you say something funny, you don't have to tell us that you just made a joke, we KNOW, we're not stupid. Gosh.
Oh and just so you know, when I look at you blankly, pretending to listen to what you're saying, in my head I'm imagining putting duct tape over your mouth so I don't have to listen to your nonsense... or see the cheeky grin on your face which appears on your face every time you say something that is supposed to make us laugh.
You know what the worst part is? That you don't even realize it! Don't you see the dull/bored look almost EVERY student gives you?

And the number of 'facepalm' moments I experience when I'm in your class are countless.
For example: do you really have to cover your mouth and say sorry while smiling like an idiot? I honestly don't get why you apologize so much, even for meaningless remarks you make. It's almost pitiful. Not everyone gets offended THAT easily. Seriously, stop apologising and making things more awkward!
Also, I'm a foreign student, not at alien. I have been living here for years and I understand a lot of the things discussed in class even in local languages and culture-related stuff. Every time someone says something in a language besides English, you DON'T have to snap your head towards me and apologise for how I can't be part of the discussion because I don't know the language so I don't understand what they mean.
Sometimes I'm actually curious but most of the time I don't care. I remember once I was completely tuned-out, mindlessly doodling on the side of my notes, and I wasn't even listening to the lecture, when suddenly you called out my name to apologise because someone said something in a different language which I might not understand. I just smile politely when this happens but in my head I'm yelling at you to leave me alone :)
You have no idea how embarrassing it is when you literally tell the class to explain the meaning to me and everyone turns in their seats to look towards me.
Thanks but NO, I don't appreciate the extra attention -.-
Okayy, so I got a little carried away. This was supposed to be general but I think I started talking about one particular teacher. The others are okay, and I have to say, not ALL teachers are like that, some actually have a good sense of humour.
I just re-read it and realised how mean this is. I have a feeling I'm gonna regret posting it O.O... or not :P
If that teacher sees this, I'm dead. But it sure feels good to rant about it :D
I'm glad you guys don't know this person, if you did then I probably wouldn't have the guts to write about it. Except for Twefrence, she knows this teacher too, so I guess she can understand my pain :P
Do you guys have annoying teachers which make you want to pull your hair out? Or am I the only one?

P.S I'm thinking of making this blog private. I used to post a lot of impersonal stuff so it was ok, but if I'm going to diss my teachers and whatnot, then I should really consider not making this blog available for everyone to see.. you know... in case the wrong person happens to see it :P
Just a thought, opinions?
P.P.S. Is my font too small?


  1. THAT. Was genius.
    I kept on laughing because I kept on picturing her in my head =P
    HM... you could make this private if you want to =P but I don't think SHE'd come up here =P Or people would actually rat you out =P
    I've ranted on some teachers too on a very old post remember? =P

    I know! I'm a foreign student too so she does that to me and another friend of mine (you know who- no, not voldy)
    if we're actually curious, we would just ask our local friend. "duh" and I agree, she makes a big deal out of EVERYTHING.
    She's just too old-fashioned I guess...

    But yes, her lessons are like lullabies... I don't know how people can stay awake =P
    It doesn't help that her "humour" is amazingly bad.

    Oh and no, the font's fine.

  2. Twefrence: Yesssss, I think you're the only one who will get exactly what I'm pointing at in this post :P
    Yeah, I doubt she could find it, but I kinda hope my college friends don't come across it either, even though they would agree with me.

    Yeah I know who :P hahaha, exactly, if I wanted to know I could just ask a friend but noooo she has to embarass me in front of the whole class -.- You're lucky you had another non-local friend, I'm all alone in hell :P

  3. ahh true...
    you can always make it private (dno how that thing works =P)
    haha, you know, I'm still waiting for you to write that "A letter to Twefrence" or smt post =P
    *twitch twitch*

    yup, you're stuck in there.
    But it's not my fault! You had a friggin 6 month break while I was dying in her class too.
    Like Christina Perri says
    "Baby it's fate, not luck"
    hahah =P

  4. Twefrence: Yeah, I'll have to find out how it works.
    Hahaha, I was wondering if you had forgotten about that, and yes I will write it... someday :D haha nah, I already have a draft, i'm working on it slowly :P

    Hahaha fiiine, I guess we've been through equal torture :P

  5. Psh, I never forget stuff that are dedicated to me *haughty look* =P
    Ok, I shall wait "patiently" like I said before, for the post =P
    Yep, equal torture. I had this half panic attack yesterday night before I went to slp, when I remembered the results are coming out in 3 weeks o-O

  6. Twefrence: Hahaha, yes, be patient :P
    Don't talk about the results :O

    This has got to be my FAVE post of yours! I LOLed like a zillion times. XD Soooo funny. hahahahahahahahhhahahaha. LOLOLOL.
    *calms down*
    Oh, and you font is fine :D And I wouldn't make my blog private if I were you. Don't you want new readers? :o

  8. LOL hahaha you were quite mean :P
    i don't think your teacher will read this. it's safe here :D i love you! ♥

  9. Hahaha, I never had an annoying teacher. I am/was a annoying student myself. * Mischievous winks*

    The font is readable. And No one is gonna send you to jail for blogging mean stuff, be assured of that=D


  10. Jodie-Anne: I see you changed your blog name a little :P hahaha, your fave? really? YAYYY!! :D :d
    Yup, I'm scared I'll lose readers and new people won't be able to find my blog :/

    Furree: Hahaha yes, but this is just what was in my head, I would never say that to her face :P
    Haha yup. Aww, love you too ♥

    Hamza: Hahaha I see, so you were one of THOSE students :P
    Thanks, I feel less anxious now, it's my blog after all!

  11. LOL ewe. That totally sucks. I feel bad for teachers like that. Unless they are consistently and really humorous in their teachings. I just feel embarrassed for them.

  12. If you had made it private, I would have never been led here or discovered your awesome blog :(
    and I don't think she will ever read it, so you are quite safe :)

  13. Adrian: Hahaha, yeah I feel bad for them too, but after a while it gets really frustrating, they should just stop trying so hard :P

    Becca: Thanks :)

    Cricketfreak: Haha, true. If I make it private, I won't get new followers :/ and yup, I'm pretty sure she wont come across this :P

  14. There are two doctors at my uni who do this every time they come for the lectures. It's pain beyond anything.

  15. Oh dear, I was lucky I never had any annoying teachers! Though in college some tutors just drove me insane! I had one who would get distracted EXTREMELY easily and go off on a tangent without teaching us anything! And another was just so eccentric and at times so cheeky that I literally had to laugh it off or I would have walked out.

  16. Fortunately I have not had to deal with this. I went to a school where my sisters went and managed to avoid all of the less than wonderful teachers. But now I'm transferring and *sigh* will not have that luxury.

  17. You have cool blog. Yea, even I have had a few annoying teachers. I wish, I had Harry's magic wand and I could turn them into more amusing characters at least then their lectures would have been bearable. Don't worry your teacher wont be able to discover your blog unless you decide to share your link with him in your answer sheet so that he gets a piece of your mind :P
    Keep writing!

  18. AcetylCholine: Then you must know how I feel. And two? wow, good luck :P

    Hazel: Hahaha, sometimes I like teachers who start talking about random stuff, keeps me from falling sleep, but when they do it too often then it's annoying.

    Naomi: Oooh, good luck with the new school :)

    Sh@s: Thanks :) Hahaha that's a nice idea, but we're not lucky enough to have a wand :P
    and LOL, giving her the link actually sounds tempting now :D

  19. I had a lot of teachers like that. They always wanted to play the class jester. Of course, they took offence if no one laughed.

    Nice blog. Blogrollin ya

    do visit

  20. Haha!
    ***I'm trying to be a good girl right here... Haha :D

  21. CRD: I wish my teacher took offence if no one laughed. When we don't react to her jokes, she just laughs at them herself -.-
    Thanks, i'll look at yours :)

    Haze: lol, but if you have teachers like this you will forget about being nice :P


    I gave you an award!

  23. i hate it when that happens, and i'm just pretend laughing to make them feel good!<3

  24. Luceeee: Haha I'm tired of trying to make them feel good, so I just don't respond :P

  25. just read ur dar dar dark 'about me' :D crappy, it was :p

  26. Hahhaha :D

  27. Ifra: Hahaha :D

    Aman: I'll check out your blog :)