Friday, July 22, 2011

When teachers try to be funny...

It's painful to watch.
A couple of months ago, if the teacher tried to make us laugh (and failed), I would just smile out of respect for them so at least they know I'm listening. But now all I can do is clench my mouth shut and try not to show how frustrated I am. Seriously.. just get on with the damn lesson!
We all know the class is extremely boring and most of the students are yawning half an hour into it, but you don't have to make it worse by trying to 'lighten us up' with your pathetic jokes.
And every time you say something funny, you don't have to inform us by saying, "You see, I have to say things like this to get my students' attention." If your joke WAS funny (which it probably wasn't), you just ruined it. Next time you say something funny, you don't have to tell us that you just made a joke, we KNOW, we're not stupid. Gosh.
Oh and just so you know, when I look at you blankly, pretending to listen to what you're saying, in my head I'm imagining putting duct tape over your mouth so I don't have to listen to your nonsense... or see the cheeky grin on your face which appears on your face every time you say something that is supposed to make us laugh.
You know what the worst part is? That you don't even realize it! Don't you see the dull/bored look almost EVERY student gives you?

And the number of 'facepalm' moments I experience when I'm in your class are countless.
For example: do you really have to cover your mouth and say sorry while smiling like an idiot? I honestly don't get why you apologize so much, even for meaningless remarks you make. It's almost pitiful. Not everyone gets offended THAT easily. Seriously, stop apologising and making things more awkward!
Also, I'm a foreign student, not at alien. I have been living here for years and I understand a lot of the things discussed in class even in local languages and culture-related stuff. Every time someone says something in a language besides English, you DON'T have to snap your head towards me and apologise for how I can't be part of the discussion because I don't know the language so I don't understand what they mean.
Sometimes I'm actually curious but most of the time I don't care. I remember once I was completely tuned-out, mindlessly doodling on the side of my notes, and I wasn't even listening to the lecture, when suddenly you called out my name to apologise because someone said something in a different language which I might not understand. I just smile politely when this happens but in my head I'm yelling at you to leave me alone :)
You have no idea how embarrassing it is when you literally tell the class to explain the meaning to me and everyone turns in their seats to look towards me.
Thanks but NO, I don't appreciate the extra attention -.-
Okayy, so I got a little carried away. This was supposed to be general but I think I started talking about one particular teacher. The others are okay, and I have to say, not ALL teachers are like that, some actually have a good sense of humour.
I just re-read it and realised how mean this is. I have a feeling I'm gonna regret posting it O.O... or not :P
If that teacher sees this, I'm dead. But it sure feels good to rant about it :D
I'm glad you guys don't know this person, if you did then I probably wouldn't have the guts to write about it. Except for Twefrence, she knows this teacher too, so I guess she can understand my pain :P
Do you guys have annoying teachers which make you want to pull your hair out? Or am I the only one?

P.S I'm thinking of making this blog private. I used to post a lot of impersonal stuff so it was ok, but if I'm going to diss my teachers and whatnot, then I should really consider not making this blog available for everyone to see.. you know... in case the wrong person happens to see it :P
Just a thought, opinions?
P.P.S. Is my font too small?