Friday, June 17, 2011

My Birthday Was Ten Days Ago.

So why am I writing about it NOW?
Because I said I will in this post :P

It feels so long ago. I was expecting the day to be super boring but it wasn't.
Basically I went out with my siblings for lunch. Then we went to the mall to do some shopping and my sister bought a present for me. And after that we went to have cake because birthdays feel empty without cake, don't you think so?
We each bought our own slice of cake because we all like different flavours, so I didn't actually 'cut' the cake. But I did get to blow the candle :D
So overall, it was a good day.

The picture below is of the cake I had. Looking at it makes me hungry O.O

P.S. I never know what to do when they sing me happy birthday.


  1. Aww.. Belated happy birthday! :) The cake looks delish! :)

  2. Happy Birthday belated!

    I sing with everyone on my birthday! :D

  3. Happy birthday belated!
    I am glad you enjoyed your day.
    Followed you, btw. :D

  4. Leah: Thank youuu, and yes it was super yummy :D

    Jodie-Anne: Thanks! :D

    The Blog Writer: Hahaha! Thanks :)

    Maryam: Thanks a lot, I'll go look at your blog now :D

  5. belated happy birthday. Spending time with your family on your birthday is simply amazing.

    thanks for following me. i followed you back. :)

  6. i hope u liked my ice cream

  7. happy belated birthday and that cake looks YUMMY

    Everyday Life

  8. Mayen: Thank you, and yes it is :)

    Taha: Haha yes I did, thanks :D

    Ovais: Thank you!

    Becca: Thanks becca!

    Tamara: :)

  9. Hahahaha. Oh my god! Me too!
    When people sing I'm always thinking.
    Should I clap with them?
    Should I sing, wait no...
    Should I smile at them?
    But staring at my cake feels weird...
    soo...what do I do?
    Start glancing around awkwardly =P

  10. Wow. I want some of that cake :D

    Hahaha, well, when people sing me happy birthday, I just sing along, except when it comes to "Happy Birthday to you..." I change the you to "me" :D It feels good. haha

  11. happy bday!!!
    the cake looks to die for!!!

  12. Twefrence: Hahaha, exactly!

    Chocolatemilk: lol, that's a good idea :P Thanks!

    Herenownotforever: Thank you :D

  13. It feels so weird when people sing you happy birthday and you're just standing there smiling like an idiot =P Been thru that. Hope you had a nice time. Thanks for following me. :D x

  14. OMNYOMNYOM!!!! delish :D hahaz i know that awkwardness when someone sings you happy birthday and you're like 'what the heck do i do?' so i sing along and change the lyrics to 'to me'!!! :D :D

  15. Ick. i'm not a big fan of cake. And if I were to eat some cake, it would have to be extremely chocolatey cake. Which is uber rare for me too.

  16. Fatimaa: Haha yeah :P No problem, thanks for following me back :)

    Cyn: Haha, great :D

    Adrian: You don't like cake? :O Never heard anyone say THAT before :P

  17. Happy belated birthday! I so want that cake!