Friday, June 3, 2011

Awkward Moments

Don't you just LOVE awkward moments? (note the sarcasm). So, I decided to come up with a few that I have experienced lately. Here they are:

#1: Awkward silence in the elevator.

This is very common, most of you must have experienced the awkwardness of this situation. It is so uncomfortable when you try to avoid contact with the other passenger and helplessly watch as the numbers take their own sweet time going down. Then you start fumbling with your sleeves or take your phone out, to try to look busy.
All you want is to hear the *ding* or just see the doors open so you can get the heck out of the elevator.This whole time you're wondering whether you should make conversation with the person/people in there or smile but decide against it, then hope they don't start talking to you because then it would be even more awkward.

Here's what makes it even worse: imagine you're going down the elevator with a friend and you two are talking and laughing over something. Suddenly, the elevator doors open and a person enters. You both fall silent, despite the fact that you're not done talking.
I have no idea why we do this. It's more awkward for the person who has just stepped into the elevator because they must feel self-conscious about their own presence, as if they interrupted something.

#2: Texting in awkward situations.

Admit it. You have done this at some point in your awkward little life. I do it ALL the time.
For example: You were supposed to meet up with your friends outside the mall and *surprise surprise*, you're the first one there! So you wait for a minute, watching lamely as people pass you by, giving you side glances, wondering what the hell you're doing there all by yourself.
To make yourself seem less pitiful, you take out your handphone and pretend you're the busiest/most entertained person in the world until your friends finally show up. It's easy, believable and it makes you look a lot less pathetic! :D

#3: Your friend is talking to their friend, while you stand there awkwardly.

Okay, so you're walking around the mall with your friend and it's all good... Until they see someone they know. Your friend insists on saying hi to their friend (who you don't know) so you tag along since you have nothing better to do.
Ten minutes later, your friend is still talking to their friend while you stand there awkwardly feeling like the odd one out and feeling bad for yourself. You try to get involved in their conversation but most likely you'll have no idea what they're talking about. It sucks.

#4: Being surrounded by people talking in a language you don't understand= awkward.

I experience this pretty often so I guess it's not that bad/uncomfortable for me. I'm used to it. But that doesn't mean I don't feel singled out when this happens. It's worse when they start laughing at something but I have no idea what so I just look around awkwardly having no idea what's so funny. Some people are nice enough to translate for me, but usually the joke isn't really funny when it's translated to English :P
So yeah, it's pretty awkward and not a good situation to be in. Plus, people start feeling bad for you and they might feel guilty about the fact that you can't be part of the conversation. And I don't think anybody likes to have people feel bad for them.

#5: Saying 'hi' to a friend but they don't hear you so you walk away, hoping no one witnessed your awkwardness.

You know what I'm talking about. You're in a public place and you happen to see someone you know walking by. You greet them loudly, waving your arms in the air with a huge grin on your face, trying to grasp their attention. But they walk right past you. You freeze, realising how retarded you look. So you quickly put your hands down and get rid of the smile. You look around self-consciously, hoping no one saw you embarrass the heck out of yourself.
And the next time you see that friend, you hold a silent grudge against them.
SO embarrassing.

Have you guys experienced any of these?
Any OTHER awkward moments?
Tell meeeee!


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOLL!!! Awkward moments are BAWWSS!
    The last one is the most awkward I think. XD That's happened to me quite often. It's SOO awkward! XD

  2. I can relate to each and every one of these.And a few of others too.:)

  3. HAHAHHA. I love how we discuss about these awkward situations so much =P
    There are SOOOO many of these awkward situations in real life =P
    #1: Totally, but it happens sometimes with your own friends and family when you don't feel like talking to them... sometimes, I just totally ignore the "stranger" that comes into the elevator and continue talking =P
    #2: I'm a PRO at this "fake" texting =P Since I'm such a "must not be late" person, I'm always alone...ish and proceed to look like the BUSIEST PERSON EVERRR. =P (sry.. the "ever" joke is from this youtuber..)
    #3: Oh gosh.. yes that's bad..I've never really gotten myself in that situation though and I hope I don't put other ppl in that situation either o-O.
    #4: Heh heh... Well.... it's true that some of the Chinese jokes are only funny in Chinese =P and when I translate to you it's just very == =P
    hahaha. Thus the reason why I try to speak in English when I'm generally just talking abt my everyday life =P
    #5: You forgot to mention how you :
    -don't want to greet this "not-so-close" friend of yours BUT your parents go shouting their names ==
    Thus the reason why I only wave to people after making eye contact =P

  4. Haha! I love the kick I got out of this post! :D Definitely following! :)

  5. OMG...i was laughing my ass off reading the last one coz it has happened to me sooo many times :P

  6. Jodie-Anne: Awkward moments are painful :P Haha I know, I do it all the time too!

    Hamza Bin Laden: Lol, yup, these are like the most common awkward moments :)

    Twefrence: Wow that is one long comment :D
    ahahaha, thank god my mom doesn't know my friends that well so she doesn't attract attention from them :P

    The Blog Writer: Haha, yay, thank you :D

    BlackedOut: LOL, I know! Me too, and it suckkssss, so embarassing :P

  7. HAHAHAH THIS WAS ALL SO TRUE. i totally despise awkward moments, ugh. *shudders*
    fake-texting is a lifesaver!
    this thing happened to me today =
    i raised my hand for a highfive and the person just stared at me and ignored my hand. it was pretty awkward. sob.

  8. Furree: I know, right?!
    Omg, I feel so bad for you O.O that must have been SO awkward!
    :( *hugs*

  9. Totally whipped out my phone while waiting for friends or while trying to NOT look awkward- Like all the time!!

  10. BN: Hahaha, I guess I'm not the only one :D

  11. LOL. i've been in ALL of them, especially since i'm English-speaking Chinese (aka Banana). There's a lot of people speaking Chinese around me and i'm like 'Wha?' but i'm used to it now. Now i don't even feel like it's awkward! And i actually kind of enjoy the elevator silence. And for the texting situation, i don't really use it because i would be window shopping. Maybe i'm a lil strange in the sense that i'm not bothered by being alone. Am i the only one?

  12. Cyn: Haha that's awesome! I'm used to the language thing too now. Besides that, you're pretty different, from me at least, but not in a bad way, cause I basically shy away from awkwardness when you're amused by it :)

  13. Sometimes situation #4 was not intended on purpose, it's just because they like to converse in the language they're most comfortable in. But i've been in the situation where they do this intentionally, in front of me and when i ask them 'What's so funny?' and their reply is 'None of your business.' So whenever i get the feeling that i'm not welcome, i walk away and amuse myself with something else. Which pretty much means every time i get into #4.

    And yet, being alone is a chance to observe the things around us, a few seconds for gratitude and a thought for reflection. When i'm alone, i see the things that are usually ignored, or things that look like what they seem, but really aren't. It's... strange, because i end up thinking, 'Why hadn't i noticed that before?' and it has changed the way i look at a lot of things. It's because i'm distracted by this thinking that i don't even realize it's awkward, until i read your post!!! HAHAHA XD XD

  14. Cyn: I know what you mean! Like sometimes I notice things about the people speaking, for instance the hand gestures they do or the way they speak.
    Yeah, sometimes it does distract me from the awkwardness.
    Hahaha :P

  15. Number 2 and 3.

    It gets so annoying at times. Plus I have friends who socialize everywhere so it results in additional torture. Lol.

    Loved this post.

  16. I LOVE this post. Because it is so so (sadly) true... lol

  17. AcetylCholine: Haha, yeah it's worse when we're with THOSE friends :P
    Thanks a ton :)

    Mer_Melody: lol, yup, sadly :P

  18. Elevator? Try looking up and then down after counting to fifteen. People will do EXACTLY what you're doing. It's called the Power of Suggestion.

    Texting? Always do it =D

    3, 4 & 5 are the worst situations ever. I just leave. ._.

  19. I don't really relate to number2. I don't like to wait.. And so, I make them wait for me. LOL. I think the 3rd and the 5th are the most awkward situations. It would also be very embarrassing..

    Other awkward moments? Hmmm...

    The awkward moment when you say goodbye to the person, and then ending up walking in the same direction. LOL.

    That awkward moment when you call someone by the wrong name. Tsk.

    The awkward moment when you think something is funny, and then people around you don't find it hilarious.. not a bit. :P

  20. Ovais: hahaha, I'm gonna try that next time I'm in the elevator! :D
    I usually don't leave, makes me feel pathetic :P

    Leah: LOL, those are some good awkward moments, you should see all the pages on fb going 'the awkward moment when..' :P

  21. Hehe, this made me laugh.

    Pretending to text for the sake of looking busy? Yeah, I'm guilty. The thing is, even though I don't have texting, I'll still take the phone out of my purse/pocket and pretend to text on it, just to look less lame and awkward. ;P

  22. I think 3 and 5 are the worst.

    Awkwardness with strangers is just to be expected, but awkwardness with friends brings it to a whole new level...

  23. Omg awkward silence in the elevator is really annoying. Except it barely happened with me because the building i used to live in, i knew almost each and every person, so it wasnt as bad :)
    Haha and the fake texting bit is what i always do to make myself look like im not a pathetic loner hahaha. Great post!

  24. chocolatemilk: lol, then you're lucky! thanks :D

  25. OMG I've experienced all of these! I really hate awkward silences the most tho!

  26. Hazel: Hahaha, yeah those are the worst!