Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why I Chose My University Degree

Actually, I'm still in college, doing A'levels so I haven't exactly chosen my university degree yet :P And right now, I have NO idea what I want to study later on in my life.
I don't even know why I put this topic on the list, since I don't have an answer for it. But it helped. It's past 3 a.m and I'm bored and I wanted something random and pointless to post about.

I just wrote like 3 paragraphs of my law essay and I'm feeling so proud and accomplished (yes, I'm ignoring the fact that I have 3 more essays to write and I've only done half of the first one) :D

Any ways, I should go to sleep.

Back to the topic, what university degree did you choose? Or are planning to choose for the future?


  1. I wanna go back to school and do vocal performance. Get a Doctorate in that, then go back to school and then get a Masters in Music Education so when I retire form performing, I can be a music teacher!

  2. Right now I'm in school for an Arts degree in English, but I'm so bored. I'm thinking of switching schools to go for interior design.

    & yes, GET TO SLEEP! Lol

  3. I thought I had completely decided to go to college (university) for a degree in writing...but now I am reconsidering. These decisions are hard and they seem really huge! But, really, sometimes we just have to go for things and see where they take us before we can know for sure:)

  4. I'm only in high school, haha. But, I'm very ambitious. I know what I want to be: an author(masters in literary/creative writing/etc. don't know the names yet, haha) and a therapist. So, a minor in psychology. :) Or can you get two majors? I don't know how the system works. Lol.

  5. I'm doing a degree in Actuarial Science. When I was choosing, I simply crossed off anything to do with chemistry, physics and biology. Well, not as simple as that. I knew I want something with Math or English. But in a perfect world, I would like Sexuality Studies.

  6. Adrian: Sounds good! Looks like you have it all planned out :)

    Ashley: Do something you're really interested in so you don't get bored :D

    Caitlin: Degree in writing, sounds awesome. Yup, you're right :)

    Jodie-Anne: Wow, that's really ambitious. Uh.. no you can't do two majors :P Well, you can always do one then another, but that takes time and money.

    Hanis: Yup, I know that from your blog. Ahh, I see. I actually don't really know what actuarial science is all about. I'm gonna go google it :P

  7. haha, yes I wonder why you put this topic in =P
    me? how bout business internet? =D

  8. Twefrence: Haha, I knew it!:P Business internet... I'm pretty sure that's not a university degree :P

  9. Hey there, I followed your other blog and liked it a lot so here I am. Hope you check mine out (I have 2) I don't have many followers :( But your blog is awesome!

  10. Sapphire Blue: Hey, I checked out your blog and left comments :D

  11. Aww thanks a lot! I appreciate it :D When you get a chance check out "The Cleaning Whiz". It's a place where I'll post some funny stuff about my job. I'm constantly coming up with ways to poke fun at it so that it's easier to get by with what I do. Thanks for your support. I love your writing!

  12. Sapphire blue: I sure will! (when I get time haha) It sounds great :)

    Aseela: Me too :(

  13. I'm also still in college.. I'm a nursing student.. but I want to either have my masteral in education so that I could teach nursing or have a major in medical-surgical... hmmmm..

    I'm not really what I'm talking about.. hehehe

  14. Kamila: Haha looks like you have decisions to make :D

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