Monday, January 31, 2011

The Story of My Most Serious Injury

That would be when I fractured my left arm.

It was a long time ago, I think I was around 8. I was at my grandmother's house, playing around with my cousins when I fell hard, my elbows meeting the ground with a thud. After that, all I could feel was pain as I cried. My mom and other relatives who were around thought that I had just hurt myself slightly so they gave me some medicine and let me sleep.

I clutched onto my arm the whole time because even if I moved it slightly, it would hurt like hell. I woke up a while later, I remember my mom tried to get me to move my arm but I cried out of pain. That's when they FINALLY realised that this was serious.

So I went to the hospital and got a cast around my arm. The doctor said I can get it taken off in 8 days.

Yeah, right.

I went to another doctor after those 8 days (because my grandmother's house was in a different city to mine) and the doctor took off the cast then replaced it with ANOTHER one. I was so happy about not having to wear that itchy cast any more but I was kind of upset because loads of people had signed it with markers :P

Any ways, I had to keep the new cast on for a month or so. It was a nice month, since I'm left-handed and my left arm was broken, I didn't have to do much work in school. Also, I liked how everyone was nice to me while I was injured :P

I guess it wasn't too bad, just a broken arm, fractures are common.
What about you? Any terrible injuries?


  1. hahahaha I love how you were happy you that you fractured your arm
    hahahah =P
    I've never broken anything before =( wait, it should be a good thing =)
    and dude, your parents aren't very observant are they? =P
    Once, I was playin around with my brother and i think he kinda ripped the blanket around my head to harshly or smt. n my shoulder was in pain or smt. when my mum got back home she took me to the doctors to get a x ray =P
    over dramatic?
    Terrible injuries.. hmm... *thinks* plucking 6 teeth out count? a toe nail flipping out count? scrapped 2 knees? (from falling off a bike?) hmm.. I've had a pretty safe life =P

  2. Suprisingly, I haven't had any serious injuries. You know, apart from twisting my ankle when I was 7 after jumping off 5 steps and landing wrongly.

    But, the most dramatic one was when I was 7, happened after the ankle incident. I was an avid rollerblader back then, had the whole helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. It was with a group of kids and there we were, on top of a hilly road. Tar road mind you. We went down and somehow I fell forward and my chin got the brunt of the fall.

    I was more scared of my parents reaction that I didn't feel any pain.

  3. i once broke my right side collar bone, when i was 6 years old. a girl pushed me off a very tall slide. :(
    i know, right? that evil little thing.
    i fell and to protect my face i put my arm in front of me, which resulted in breaking my collar bone in 3 places. :O if i moved a tiny bit, the pain would flare through my whole right arm, shoulder, and down my spine. i couldn't move at all. worst part is, i was with that girl and her maid alone in the park, and the maid was telling the girl to LEAVE ME ALONE AND RUN O.O
    thankfully the girl's dad came, and took me home, and then my dad took me to the hospital. i got a cast and i had to wear it for quite a while, though i forgot how long. i went to school and someone else did the work for me cause i was right-handed and my entire right arm was in a cast+sling. :P that was good haha!

  4. God. I would have kicked that little girl. Eeeeebiil little thing.

  5. I broke my hip at 5-ish. Years old, I mean, not 5 o'clock haha. Obviously..

    My mother did pretty much the same thing as you, only she fell and broke her entire left arm. Like the whole thing just shattered.. That took quite some time to heal.

    I'd probably be feeling a bit bittersweet towards having my cast removed too.. they get some sentimental value!

  6. ouch my son just recently had a broken finger i've been lucky never broke or fracture anything..knock on wood

  7. I broke my ankle once. Then I passed out. So I don't remember much.

  8. Ouch... I broke my leg once in a car accident. O__O I was running across the street in like grade three because I was really stupid. A car was coming and yeah... you can imagine what happened next.

  9. Twefrence: Hahaha, for a second you were actually sad that you've never had a serious injury :P
    Ouch, the plucking teeth sounds painful :/

    Hanis: Ow, that's gotta hurt! Interesting how you forgot about the pain because you feared what your parents would say haha :P

    Furree: Omg! Evil, indeed. And the maid was going to make a run for it?! Geez. Haha, well at least you didn't have to do any work in school like me :P

    Ashley: Haha! The 5 o'clock thing made me laugh :P Broke hip, ouch :/ Ahh. Yup, the cast is sentimental lol.

    Becca: You're lucky :D

    Aseela: Passed out after breaking your ankle? :O Must have been bad :/

    Jodie-Anne: Omg! That sounds terrbile, gosh :/

  10. It just shows the amount of fear I have for my parents xD Whenever I get an injury, I'm more scared of telling them.

  11. Once I was riding a Quad Bike, and I was going extremely fast. I took a sharp turn, and it flipped, and I fell down, with my head landing on a rock. I was still conscious, until I saw the bike fall on my head. When it did, all I remember was that I woke up being carried by a forest ranger (This was in South Africa btw) and he was talking me to the hospital. My mom was there too, and she told me the bike had fallen on my head, bounced and it fell on my body again. I head multiple bruises, I was bleeding from my head, but no fractures, thank God. Strong bones :D CALCIUM!

  12. Chocolatemilk: WOAH that sounds serious O.O
    hahaha, I guess calcium IS pretty important :P