Monday, January 3, 2011

12 Blogs I Think YOU Should Check Out!

...The Run-On Sentences of Life...
Jodie's full of ideas. Her posts are on all sorts of topics, whether they be funny or serious. Love her blog :D

Kamila's blog is awesome. Her posts and inspiring and fun to read :D

Mia updates very often and her posts and short and easy to follow. I'm loving her day-to-day photo challenge!

I love to read her posts. One of the recent ones was called 'If only I was pokemon' haha.

Probably the most 'expressive' blog I follow. Twefrence's posts are conversational and interesting :D

I love reading Hanis' posts, the way she cancels out words makes me laugh :P Nice blog!

I like the way Crystal begins her posts with relative quotes. She's also started making video blogs which is super awesome :D

BlackedOut's posts are always honest and to-the-point, that's what I like about her blog the most :D

I absolutely adore her art work! :)

Furree's blog is really cool. I don't even know who Jackky Bhagnani is yet I still look forwad to reading her blog entries :D

Ashley's posts are a mixture of humour and honesty, I always look forward to reading her blog!

Work in Progress
This blog is complete with lists, poems and rants! :D

There are a lot more that I love and follow but I limited myself to 12. By the way, if you have a blog you would like me to check out, please post the link below and I certainly will! :)


  1. aww, thanks so much for mentioning me! you are the awesomest. ♥
    i already follow some of the blogs you named, and i completely agree that they're all worth being checked out. :D
    thanks again! ♥

  2. ohooo. Thanks for the advertising =P

  3. ^^ Thanks for putting these up, I love the art blog :D

  4. thanks for this found a couple new blogs to read

  5. :D Yay! Thanks for putting mine up there! :D And I agree that all the blogs up there should be checked out. :]

  6. love the art blog up there^^ i'm now following her hahaha.:)

  7. this made my day! :D thanks so much for mentioning me lol. i will definitely have to check out the other blogs on your list! amazing post :)

  8. You're welcome people :D And thanks for taking time to check out the blogs!


    You need to either marry me or be my best friend.

    Take your pick.

  10. yay! you finally wrote something :D

  11. Aseela: Hahaha! I think I'll go with being your best friend... for now :P
    So happy you checked out my blog :D

    Taha: Haha yeah :P

  12. Wait I didn't notice this post!! Just now!! Waaah I'm sorry purple mist!!! Thank you for putting me in here!!!!!!

  13. Haha it's ok Kamila! You're welcome :D

  14. Ahh why have I not followed you sooner?! You're one of the best followers ever. I feel bad now D:
    Anyway, I absolutely love your blog. Thank you so much for linking to mine!