Thursday, December 23, 2010

You can 'Like' my posts now!

Just letting you know I added a facebook 'like' button!

I got the instructions to do it from this website.
The only inconvenient thing about it is that you have to click on the blog post title and then it will appear, not on the homepage of the blog (I hope that makes sense).

By the way, I have a request, can someone 'like' this post? I wanna see if it works!


  1. oh hell yea it works. I'm honoured to be your first liker =P

  2. You were my second liker actually :P

  3. I believe I will begin "liking" more things. When it first appeared, I was completely against the button because everyone was "liking" instead of commenting. It's still growing on me.

  4. Haha, thanks DeadEyes :D

    theVibeGirl: Oh yeah, never thought of it that way, hopefully people won't stop commenting on here!

  5. done hit the thumbs up button hope it worked

  6. NUUUU, epic fail, well at least I was the first COMMENTER =D

  7. Becca: Yup it worked! Thanks :)

    Twefrence: Haha, yeah :P

  8. PURPLE BLOG. 'tis so cool.
    i can't see your follow on my blog. YOU DIDN'T FOLLOW ME YET LOL. O.O
    but i'm following you, because i like your blog.

  9. Haha thanks!
    oh crap I didn't! Sorry! I followed you now :D