Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why I Use Facebook

People could have various reasons to use a social networking site such as Facebook. To communicate easily with people, to play games, to kill time, to advertise their business and so on.

So, why do I use facebook?

I simply use it to keep in touch with friends and family, specially those who live far away.
There are just so many features available on it like status updates or posting stuff on another person's wall, I won't even try to list everything out.

Oh and I think the 'Poke' feature is a pretty unique idea :P

Basically, I use it because I think it's a lot better than other social networking sites. And yes, I'm just a little obsessed with it :P

Note: This topic was suggested by Leah, click here to check out her blogs!


  1. i completely agree! a little to addicted sometimes...its become a bit of a habit on my part though:(
    p.s. i really enjoy your following now!

  2. i am totally addicted to face book

  3. I'm on facebook wayy too much.
    And I love poking haha

  4. i never use poking thing.. hahaha I only poke someone like my boyfriend..and sometimes when he pokes me back.. I never notice it until 5 or more days after... hahaha

    i love facebook..because I'm in a far away land... and they are all in one island... I hope i was there now.. and facebook is the most freaking easy way.. to communicate with everybody...

  5. Stefanie: Thanks for following :D

    Becca and Ashley: Haha, me too! :P

    Kamila: Yeah I think it's an awesome way to keep in touch with people :)

  6. I'm back!! Hey PurpleMist! I have something for you and I'm hoping you can read this... and check my blog for that..

  7. Hey there, PurpleMist.. I'm back. Hehe.. Well, I'm just back for a day. I'd still be going back to my hometown, where there is NO internet connection.. Yeah, total bummer. But it's just for the holidays and be back to work on January.. =)

    Anyway, I also like using Facebook. But there was a time when I got bored with it.. and I turned to focus on my Twitter. But then, I got bored with Twitter and so, I switched back to Facebook. Hehe...

    I love using FB co it bridges the distance.. I mean, I have friends and relatives in the US and it's easier to communicate with them with the use of FB. =)

    Ohh. I love being poked. Hahaha! I always poke my closest friends.. but sad to say, almost all of them never pokes back. Maybe they just don't see it immediately..

  8. P.S.

    Thanks for the mention. hehe.. So, how about another suggestion... I'm a dog-lover and I have 7dogs at home. I wanna read about your..