Sunday, December 5, 2010


I like to observe people. I don't know why but somehow the way certain people react to certain situations is intriguing to me.

That said, often times I look around and I realise what a prejudiced world we live in. People here can be so judgemental and biased. Now, you might be thinking 'I'm not like that', but more likely than not, you are, whether you realise it or not. In my opinion, society nowadays runs on stereotypes.

I'll be the first to admit that I can be judgemental at times. If I see a big guy wearing dark clothes with tattoos and piercings everywhere, my first thought would be that he looks scary and unapproachable. Similarly, if a guy's wearing bright pink pants, carrying a shoulder bag, I will find myself immediately make judgements on his personality. But that's the thing, we've grown up thinking that people have to be a certain way.

Whether it was from our parents or group of friends, as we grow up, our brain categorises how society runs, what is acceptable and what isn't. Often, I find myself not doing or saying things because I'm afraid of how people would judge me after seeing that type of behaviour.

Not many people realise how their judgemental actions can have effect on how a person behaves. For example, I came across a poet online who wrote amazing dark poetry. She literally managed to paint a picture in my head with each stanza. But she felt the need to add a little note at the end of some of her poems telling the readers that she is not emo or depressed or anything, she simply feels comfortable with writing this genre of poetry.

I could go on with this topic forever, but my main point is that we should all try to break through these stereotypes. Think a little before judging someone at first glance.

"Instead of being presented with stereotypes by age, sex, color, class, or religion, children must have the opportunity to learn that within each range, some people are loathsome and some are delightful."
- Margaret Mead


  1. Greetings my friend,
    Stigma, stereotyping, labelling. Passing judgement on others is indeed unhealthy and is usually based on ignorance and assumption.
    I believe we are all different, all equal. Let us celebrate and embrace the wonderful diversity of mankind, rather than making judgement calls.
    Excellent post and I couldn't agree, more.
    Have a peaceful and positive weekend.
    With respect, Gary

  2. excellent post and very well written...cheers.

  3. I wrote this long relevant thing, -_- and then I accidentally backspaced >< ugh, well I was basically saying there's a lot of discrimination against stereotypes, religion, race, in my country, it's that indians are rum drinkers and blacks are lazy and want hand outs. Neither are true. People still make fun of funny accidents, names and the like. It's hard to escape, the only people who are free from that limitation of making fun are open within their thoughts.

  4. Thanks klahanie and becca :)

    DeadEyes- I get what you mean, and it sucks that people can't keep their opinions to themselves in those types of situations.

  5. this was awesome so "deep" =P I admit, I'm totally judgemental, I mean that's why "first impressions" are important right? =)
    Judgements are not meant to be taken seriously they are merely thoughts of their "appearance" and slight behaviours but before you truly "know" and understand them it's not right to truly classify them into stereotypes...=D

  6. This is true, and it causes things to hapen that stay with a person for a life time...
    I agree that its wrong to pass judgment but there are also those who look for it when there isnt any there too.... Like if a very large man of another race whom I dont know wants a hug... Then I am treated as though I am racest, when the truth is, I am a bit fearful of men to begin with, let alone large men who I dont know... (due to childhood events) and the ones that call out racisim because they dont like the rules in place for EVERYONE...

    I guess what Im saying is its bad to judge, but its bad to look for it too... does that make sence?? I know what Im trying to say, lol

  7. Yes I get what you mean, some people feel the need to look for judgements, or some fault in you.