Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Worst Subject in School

This has to be one of the easiest topics ever for me.

I hate Maths. I managed to pass in my O level exams but I still suck at it compared to my other subjects.

It just isn't for me. I like writing, literature, art, history and so on. Maths... not so much.
Science would be my second worst but at least I have a SLIGHT interest in it. I have almost no interest in Maths.

Seriously, when will I ever need to find the gradient of a line in the real world? I'm not going to be biased. For certain career paths and jobs, people DO need to know this sort of boring stuff. But for those people not going down that road, Maths is just a nightmare. I understand that everyone needs to know basic maths, the real question is: HOW much maths do we really need to know?

Functions, bearings, histograms, cumulative frequency, quadratic equations, probability, transformations, vectors... VECTORS. Don't even get me started on that stuff. *Shudders.* Why do we need to know all this again?

My hatred for maths is no secret. I even made it clear to my maths teacher(s) that I had no interest in the subject and that listening to them go on and on about some lame topic bored me to tears.

Yes I'm exaggerating. Most of the things I said above are not justified but I don't care. It's not everyday that I get to diss something I've hated all my life.

I'm done ranting and complaining.
What is/was your worst subject in school? :)


  1. French -_- I can't do other languages, I have too much trouble with this one already dread >< lol.

  2. DeadEyes: I used to study french, it wasn't that bad at first but then it got tougher so I know what you mean :P

  3. Lol, I did math, and was pretty good at it :P So I guess to each his own ^^ Nah, as soon as I started French, I was like, oh gosh, I cyah do this ><

  4. i hate maths too. DESPISE it. i just passed in my O Levels, that was like a huuuge relief. i dropped it now, muahahahhaa.

  5. Bleh, I'm terroble at math. But I've ranted about that so many times, I won't start up again. Calculus-- never.again.

  6. I LOVE Math. Yes, you might be cringing or wincing. Haha. I'm even doing my degree in a math related one. *might have enjoyed Calculus 3* But my worst subject was ... Biology. Its a nightmare. Traumatising. Same goes with Phsyics.

  7. You just took all the words about math out my mouth ;)

  8. CHEERS to that Purple MIST! FInally someone who understands me...

    You know what... I so so so so hate math.. just seeing numbers.. making me nuts.. but of course except for the fact that I love counting my comments and followers okay...

    but other than that.. oh no no no... no math for me... ugh... but yeah... I still need to push myself to have a tiny winny bit of interest.. because... I still need it for my course... O.O

  9. DeadEyes: Haha, then I guess languages aren't for you the way maths clearly isn't for me :P

    Furree: I dropped it too :D

    Ashley: Hahaha :P

    Hanis: Omg :O yes I felt like cringing :P

    Cameron: lol :P

    Twefrence: Haha yeah I knew it would be add maths! Or accounting :P

    Kamila: I pity you! But don't worry, once your course is over you can drop it and experience huge relief :D

  10. how dare you post this!!
    well u sucked at maths coz i didnt teach u.
    i hate bio

  11. hahaha. I didn't put accounting because I was thinking along the lines of "high school" only =P
    and bahaha, at what Taha said =P