Monday, December 13, 2010

If I Had a Super Power

Flying. I'd love to be able to fly to wherever and whenever I want.

Distance wouldn't be a barrier any more. I wouldn't have to miss my friends and family who live too far away because I could visit them at any time without needing transport.
Besides it being convenient, being able to just lift yourself of the ground and explore the skies would be amazing.

Who wouldn't want to fly? Who wouldn't want to break free just for a little while? You could go anywhere you wanted!

So Flying is the super power I'd like to have. Besides that, Mind-reading would be awesome too.
I would love to know what others are thinking and how their minds work. You wouldn't even have to think of who to trust and who is probably lying behind your back because you could simply read their thoughts.

Anyway, I came across a forum about what super power people would like to have. One person mentioned that they would want to be able to provide food and such to every person in the world, so we could end world hunger. Aww!

So, what super power do YOU wish you had?

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  1. I would like to have the power to heal broken female hearts and to end their insecurities but they have to deserve it

  2. Flying would be cool, but it's a lot colder up high, so you'd have to wear layers.. haha.

    I'd want to be able to shapeshift. That's always been my favorite super power.

  3. Cameron: Aw, great :D

    Ashley: Shape-shifting! Awesome :D

  4. I'm one of those uncreative/greedy people who would say
    A superpower where I can do ANYTHING. So I can be childish and say that my superpower is better than all the others since they can do whatever the others can do... and anything imaginable...

  5. Hahaha, I thought about that too :P

  6. Be careful of what you wish... I have a friend that can hear other peoples thoughts.. It can be a bit to much at times and quite confuseing when its random and you dont know whats behind that.. It would still be to easy to judge a person by things that you would only get half story of or feelings about... Can actually make it harder to get to realy know someone.

    As for a super power... I can tell right off the bat what I would want mine to be.. I would want a safe house for the children who need somewhere to go and have the super power to be able to convence the courts that putting a childs life in jepordy because, giving an unfit parent yet, another chance, seems to be way more important is unexceptible!! I want children to be more important than adults who have proven to be dangerous.. That would be my super power... I would bring them home to my safe house until someone fit came along to be their family.

    This is something that is dear to my heart and would give me absalute joy!!

  7. I love your idea for a super power! :)
    And I agree, hearing thoughts isn't as simple as it sounds.

  8. hmmm.... many people wish for flying and reading of thoughts of other... i thought of those things too... hmmm.... for a super power? You know how Jasper in Twilight can make everybody feel calm or something..? I think that's what I want.. hahah can I have that this christmas... hahah I don't think that can be bought on walmart though.. haha :)

  9. Haha, yup I know Jasper, that's a cool idea :)

  10. To be honest I would love to have the power of healing. It would be awesome to be able to heal any wound and to heal other people. Think of all the people in wars who would not die. I'd be some modern day Mother Theresa :)

    As for the hearing others thoughts could be tiring. Flying would be cool but in the winter time or rain it would suck major.

  11. Wow, I love your idea of being able to heal wounds and such. That's amazing :D