Friday, December 17, 2010

How I Choose to Spend My Money

To be honest, I can be stingy when it comes to spending my money. I don't use a lot of my pocket money. I save as much as I can. Lame, I know.
If have more than enough saved I buy a gadget, like an iPod/Hand phone (only if I'm in need of it). I rarely buy anything other than food for myself since my parents pay for my clothes and such.
Besides that I mainly just use my money if I want to buy snacks or eat out.

*Thinks desperately about how to make the post longer*

Yeah I think that's about all I have to say on this topic :P
How do you spend your money?

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  1. Hmmm... I think.. I'm pretty much like you. I just don't go around spending money on something that I don't really need. Some would say that I'm "kuripot" (it's a Filipino term for being very very VERY thrifty) but I just ignore them. I mean, it's my money anyway... Sometimes, I also buy gadgets like phones, and of course, FOOD! But mostly I keep my money, untouched in a bank. =)

    Okay, a topic. How about..... My Most Hated Movie. I'm a movie buff and I'd like to know about your most hated movie. =)

    Oh, and I followed you the other day. Hope you could come by my blog and follow me as well? If that's alright. My next update will be on January 2011, but I'd appreciate it if you could come visit. =)

    Have a nice day! And Merry Christmas! =)

  2. i would have to have money in order to spend it

  3. Leah: Yup, you're exactly like me when it comes to money :D
    I've been thinking about the movie topic, I think I might know which movie that would be, so thanks!
    I'd love to check out your blog, i'll look at it right now! :D

    Becca: Haha, yeah I feel that way sometimes too!

  4. hmmm i thinnk the WHY I DON'T BELIEVE ANYMORE... well it's kinda intriguing... I spent my money...?

    I'm a bit thrifty when it comes to money..i want to buy something less and something that I can be happy about.. simple things....

  5. Teehee, I don't spend a lot of money either. My parents supply me with money for everything. Hehe. And i rarely go out, just sometimes to go shopping or to the movies, etc.
    Write about THE BOOK THAT CHANGED YOUR LIFE. That looks really interesting. :)

  6. Few months ago, I totally checked all the receipts in my purse (I love keeping them btw) and divided them into groups.

    1. Food/drinks.

    2. Books.

    3. Things from the pharmacy such as face masks, lotions, lip gloss and all.

    So I can say I majorly spend money on those three things. But lately its books. I wish I'm thrifty.

  7. Dont't worry about making post long because some people like reading short to medium post. Trust me, the length won't determine how interesting it is.

    I spend my money on food, clothes, food, and some more clothes.

  8. haha, I wana know "what scares the shit out of you" wiggly wrists? *wink wink* =P
    haha, I'm a taurus though I'm a half -believer on horoscopes, it is true that Taurus's like me don't like to spend much, we like to save.
    When I get money I just keep on saving it (I rarely get money =(.)
    The only times I spend money is when I need to buy books (I just keep on buying them and don't have the time to finish them =P)
    What else hm... and birthday presents. I don't know abt most people but when I shop for people's presents I think for a long time, first of all, I need to be "close" to that friend and think abt what they would like. The theory I always use is: the present must suit them and even I would actually want it if I receive it. I mean, you wouldn't want to give ppl smt you wouldn't even want right?
    So I'm a big spender when it comes to other ppl =P. I don't even buy presents for my family! Since I'm partly thrifty as well, and even though I badly want some gadget that I can afford I wouldn't buy it. Not until I have saved up till double the amount. It's a security thing =P.
    my comment is waaay too long and psh, it's ok to hv a short blog, mine jz gets way too long...

  9. Kamila: Hm, I would do that topic but I need to think about what I'll write for that.

    Jodie-Ann: Haha, my parents supply most of the stuff too. Ok, I'll do the book one soon :)

    Hanis: lol, I like the way you put it into three main objects, they all seem reasonable to me.

    Cameron: Yeah, thanks for the reassurance :) Wow that's a lot of food and clothes :P

    Twefrence: Haha, nah the what scares me topic would be more serious than wrists :P they don't scare my I just feel uncomfortable when people do it in front of my face.
    Wow you really are a giver then and yes your comment is super long :P

  10. Am I the only person who can't help but buy on impulse?? Haha but seriously, if I see something I like, I HAVE TO HAVE IT. I'm the worst with money. I can't even resist buying food most of the time.
    Why I Don't Believe Anymore sounds like an interesting topic :)

  11. Ashley: Haha, nah I don't think you're the only one :P
    Yeah it's interesting but to be honest, I have no idea what I don't believe in, so I'll have to think about it.