Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rant: Squeaky shoes

Don't you hate it when you're out in a crowded place and there's a hyper kid running around in his/her squeaky shoes?

For those who have no clue, by 'squeaky shoes' I mean the kind which make that 'squeak' sound every time you take a step. If you STILL don't know what i'm on about, take a look at this short video.
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Anyways, so I was at this mall the other day, queuing up at the cashier. I had finally completed all the shopping for the occasion and I was ready for a relaxing day ahead. The queue was quite long but I was feeling content and satisfied. But then... I heard it.

I turned my head slightly towards the direction it came from, already fearing the worst. And there it was, a disgustingly cheerful looking toddler, stumbling in those annoying squeaky shoes. The worst part was that I had to wait a full ten minutes in that queue until it was my turn to pay. Each minute was a new kind of torture.

The toddler kept walking and tripping, waking and tripping. His effort was so pointless, he couldn't walk far without stumbling. Of course, his parents very conveniently didn't even notice any of it. So he kept getting back up to his feet every time he fell, and then his shoes began squeaking, and then he fell, got back up and so on.

So my point is that whoever thought of inventing these squeaky shoes is a moron. I mean, what's the purpose of them anyways? The whole idea is so tacky and plus, there's nothing wrong with wearing normal, 'silent' shoes.

It's these little things in life which piss me off, and one of them are the 'squeaky shoes'. Seriously, they're NOT cool.


  1. i totally get you. hahaha those annoying squeaky shoes, n nails on a black board. even ppl shuffling or clacking loudly when walking. urghhh.