Sunday, August 8, 2010

Currently Reading: The knife of never letting go- By Patrick Ness

Todd has grown up in a village of men, believing that everyone else in the world, including all the women, were wiped out in a biological war with the original alien inhabitants of this planet. The world is filled with Noise, as the thoughts of all, human and animal, are constantly broadcast to all. Now, about to reach the age of manhood at thirteen, he discovers that nearly everything he has been told about his world was a lie. Forced to flee with his talking dog and a girl who has crash landed nearby, he is pursued by an army bent on conquest, and an insane preacher bent on murder.


  1. hey ur reading this now?
    haha, i told u that u cud borrow mine =P
    i hvnt read the second book yet, still waiting on my shelf =D

  2. Yup, reading it. My cousin has it as well so i borrowed it from her.

  3. haha, ok heads up. i felt so depressed on page 350. the page before part VI. NO PEEKING

  4. haha ok ok, nah, won't peek then. I just reached part 2.