Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Awesome Stuff: Invisible Man

Note: Ok, so here is another section to my blog: Awesome Stuff. Well, in this section i'll basically write posts about stuff which I think is pretty awesome (duh). So now, besides the normal posts I have five sections to the blog: Rant, Top 5, Currently reading, Short-Story and Awesome Stuff. Though I'm not sure if i'll be posting much on some of those sections.

Anyways... have a look at the Invisible Man!

Maybe you have heard about him… or maybe not. Liu Bolin, an inpirational and fascinating artist. Some artists paint flowers, others paint abstract figures, he paints himself. But in such way he becomes one with the world and objects around him. He blends with the environment and gives birth to amazing illusions.

No matter what, he's always well hidden!

Here is some of his work:

What's YOUR opinion of his unique art? I think it's awesome!


  1. haha cool. this guy has nothin beta to do =P

  2. No, he's an artist, and he's awesome! =D