Sunday, July 25, 2010

Short-Story: Sophie

A short story I wrote yesterday.
NOTE: I challenged myself to only use sentences with 6 or less words.

A loud creak. And another, even louder. One more. It was approaching fast. The crowd backed up slightly. Just a few steps. I listened closely.


It must have heard us. Someone behind me gasped. A woman shrieked softly. Her voice hoarse. But full of terror. Realisation was setting in. We were going to die.

Little Sophie clung onto me. She was scared. We all were. But Sophie was younger. Much younger than the rest. She was only a child. She shouldn't be here.

I watched the forest closely. Staring in the same direction. Suddenly I realised something. Sophie wasn't tugging my shirt. I panicked. I looked down towards her. And there she was. In the same spot. But sitting on the ground.

She played with the grass. The rest of us were afraid. Afraid of death. But she saw it differently. We were wasting our time. We could be dead soon. Sophie wanted to die happy. And so should we. I sat down next to her. And plucked the grass.

Sophie turned her head slightly. Smiled. And went back to playing. She was so peaceful. Content. I glanced behind me. Others were mimicking us too. As we were all settling in... We heard something. It was a bark. Or maybe a roar. My heart skipped a beat.

I looked at Sophie. Ready to comfort her. But she seemed oblivious. Still pleasantly plucking the grass. Waiting for the creature's arrival. As if it were her friend. I mimicked her. And they mimicked me.

The creature was close. Very close. But I didn't look up. Just plucked the grass. And then before I knew it... I was being pulled. It was like a magnet. People were flying in the air. I tried to find Sophie. And there she was. Her hands stretched out. Her legs apart. As if she was a bird. She was still smiling.

She met my glance. The smile widened. I mimicked her flying. It was fun. We were facing death. But it was fun. It was over too soon. We were helplessly sucked in. And then there was darkness. The image of Sophie remained. In my head. Her unique thinking. And her angelic smile.

And then I stopped feeling. Remembering. Smiling. I felt numb, gone.


This proved to be harder than I expected. Hope it wasn't TOO much of a fail. You guys should try this!


  1. Wow this is so cool =D very awesome story. me wanan try but maybe later =P

  2. haha, i don't think it even makes sense =P
    yes, try it! =D